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Saunas can generally be found in beauty centers such as salons and spas, and fitness centers. In general, there are two types of saunas, namely conventional saunas, and saunas that use infrared.

Conventional saunas use space heaters to heat the air. Meanwhile, the infrared sauna uses light energy to heat the body temperature without increasing the air temperature. Infrared saunas usually produce a lower temperature than conventional saunas. This effect can also be obtained by giving warm compresses. Here we will tell you about Sauna and Its Benefits.

What is Sauna?

Before moving on to the question of what a sauna is for, it is necessary to know what a sauna is. Sauna is used for relaxation, not for cleaning. Traditional saunas are built using certain types of wood and have stepped seats. The purpose of using wood is to not compromise comfort with the rising temperature.

The sauna stove is usually located in the middle of the room and is the main source of heat. The stove, which is heated by the wood fire in traditional saunas, works with electricity in modern saunas. The sauna stones on the upper part get hot thanks to the heat of the stove. In traditional use, steam is obtained by pouring water on these stones to increase the humidity.

The water to be poured on sauna stones is mixed with various aromas. A few drops of aromatic oils such as pine tree essence, mint, and lavender emit a pleasant scent when poured into the sauna stones. At the same time, it reaches the skin and is absorbed by steam.

Sauna Benefits

  • Supports Skin Care

Sauna is known as an alternative treatment method which has been used in the treatment of skin diseases since ancient times. It has a great effect on cell renewal as it enables the pores on the skin to be opened. Another effect on the skin is that it increases the circulation of the capillaries. It provides a preventive effect on wrinkle formation by strengthening the tissues. You can meet the power of sauna at any time for radiant, healthy, and clean skin. 

  • Strengthens Your Muscles

Sauna applied at high temperatures also benefits directly the density of your muscles, as it contributes to fat burning. It increases blood circulation and gives the body a new look. Thus, your body looks more aesthetic and proportional since the fat ratio in the muscles is balanced. 

  • It Affects Your Heart Health

As the temperature rate increases in the sauna, the heart rate tends to increase directly. If you do not have a heart condition, you can protect your heart health with regular sauna sessions. 

  • Helps You Burn Calories

One of the main benefits of a sauna is slimming. As the temperature of the sauna increases, the heartbeat will increase and thus the person’s weight loss will accelerate. 

  • Increases Your Body Resistance

The sauna made with steam protects the body against diseases based on the immune system such as flu, flu, or bronchitis. While the high heat is given to increase blood cells, it also removes various harmful factors such as viruses and microbes from your body. In this way, your risk of getting sick is minimized. 

  • Clears Toxins

The balanced and regularly applied heat treatment helps the body to sweat and the heat in the blood to reach the skin surface. Therefore, sauna activities provide a deep cleansing opportunity by removing the toxins in the body from the skin and skin. 

  • Makes Your Sleep Regular

It will always be beneficial to go to the sauna for deep and healthy sleep. Thanks to the sauna, which offers a relaxing effect to your body, it is possible to have a more uninterrupted and quality sleep process throughout the night.  

  • Reduces Stress

Medical researches frequently conducted today indicate that the sauna has an impressive function on stress. Since the muscles and nerves on the body are relaxed during sauna, it tends to decrease directly in stress.

Final words

The sauna made with the required temperature level firstly helps the body to relax through sweat. While the toxins on the body are cleaned with the help of sweat, the chemicals inside are thrown out. It is extremely beneficial for both body and mental health. However, it is necessary to do it in a certain period of time without overdoing it.

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