Play Video Games to Relieve Stress And Improve Your Mental Health!!

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You must really love it when you’re chilling at home playing your favorite video game. That’s because playing video games is linked with so many positive psychological effects. Science has shown in the past decades that playing video games is actually very good for our psyches.

If you ever feel so stressed out and have problems with your mind, you should probably consider playing a game that you really enjoy.

Now’s here all you need to know about is how video games help you relieve stress and improve your mental health. 

How Do Video Games Reduce Stress?

It’s no information telling you that video games reduce stress. Everyone who played a video game in their life knows that by heart, that’s why we love playing them. Video games, just like movies, music, and other games, put us in a state of mind that stimulates our reward system which improves our moods.

The dopaminergic system, which is responsible for our sense of reward and positive emotions gets stimulated by acts of play. When we’re engaged in anything or pursuit something meaningful, our brains get dopamine kicks that help us reduce our levels of stress and anxiety.

Video games are quite effective at targeting our dopamine circuitry to work and thus makes us more happy and playful.

The way video games do that is by keeping us engaged in play by making our minds go into a semi-hypnotic state of trance. When we’re in that trance, we get totally engaged in the action of the game and cancel all the outside noise. Video games are also designed to give us instant gratification throughout the play, which really makes our monkey brain go nuts!

Not to mention that games make us think more creatively, which also comes with its happy hormone kicks. And the fun becomes doubled when you’re playing online games with a big community of people who are having fun and competing. That’s your perfect formula for hacking the human mind and putting it into a state of temporary bliss.    

Violent Video Games are Good for your Psyche?

Engaging in cruel acts through video games is quite normal, we all enjoy it. And it doesn’t mean we’re horrible people. Enjoying violence in video games is a lot better than in real life. I’d vote for more violent video games with the most disgusting stuff every time I get to choose between physical violence and virtual violence. Grand Theft Auto surely knew that better than all of us.

Living violent events vicariously through video games is quite liberating to the monsters inside all of us from time to time. It can have some really great positive effects on your psyche.

That adrenaline rush is really something that we need to experience as people from time to time. And since going into a war with real weapons is highly not recommended (at least by me), playing PUBG or Free Fire is a lot better. 

Don’t Overdo it

Playing video games is all good and stuff. BUT, those games aren’t quite safe also! Playing video games for a career is a delicacy that only a few of us can have. If you’re not a hot lady on Twitch playing video games for desperate incels who are too afraid to talk to a real girl, then chances are good you have to make a living. Playing video games for the whole day might not be a wise thing.

If you ask me, escaping from real-life problems to the virtual landscapes of video games isn’t a good survival strategy. Playing video games can be addictive; it’s like cocaine and cigarettes, they’re both playing on your dopamine circuit.  

Playing video games to escape the world is not something you should be trapped in. If you’re already there, try to give the best game a chance. The game of life is a lot better. It has better graphics, better textures, not so many exciting storylines, but it’s really worth the try; at least it’s more real. That’s of course if we’re not all in the matrix.

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