Fun Activities for Your Cozy Winter Honeymoon

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Going on a honeymoon in the winter may not sound like it could avail many options to you. This couldn’t be further from the truth, however, since there are some amazing ideas for things that you can do. Have a look below to see some of these ideas and think about adding them to your list of winter honeymoon activities.

Sledding and Snowmobiling

A snow sled is all you’ll need for this romantic activity! You can rent two sleds and take turns pulling each other over some fresh snow. You could also race down gentle hills to make it a bit more fun. Once you’re tired from walking up the sledding hills, find snowmobiling trails! 50% of snowmobilers trailer their snowmobiles to where they intend to ride them, and another 50% either snowmobile from their primary residence or from a vacation home where they store and ride their snowmobiles. If you and your partner are avid snowmobilers, be sure you bring all the necessary gear for this heart-pumping activity!

Watching the Northern Lights

If your wedding was among the roughly 2.6 million weddings set to take place in 2022, your wedding may have been affected by the pandemic. This setback can make your wedding day feel bitter in your mouth, so it’s important to plan an amazing winter honeymoon! One idea is to watch the beautiful Northern Lights from a cozy glass igloo made for this specific purpose. This will make for an amazing romantic getaway that you won’t be likely to forget in a long time. Since this is a nighttime activity, you can supplement the fun with the other ideas on this list during the day.

Going on a Sleigh Ride

A romantic sleigh ride is one of the best activities for a couple that wants to cozy up while still enjoying the snow. Horse-drawn sleighs are undoubtedly magical and they can make for a highlight of your honeymoon. If the place you holiday in doesn’t offer sleigh rides, you’re bound to find a local nearby who does. Afterward, you can warm up next to a wood fire. Be sure you have enough cords, or stacks that are typically eight feet long, to stay warm for the entirety of your trip!

Ice Skating

Even if you’ve never tried ice skating before, you may have a lot of fun attempting to do so on your honeymoon. Most people typically get the hang of it in just a few minutes, so it’s not all that hard to do. The best thing about this activity is that it won’t be an expensive one, so you can take part in it a few times during your honeymoon.

Beer or Wine Tasting

Finally, for an indoor activity that will let you spend time together and give you a taste of the place where you have your honeymoon, consider beer or wine tasting. You can experience the life of a traveling foodie by warming up to what local breweries have to offer and learning a thing or two about your honeymoon destination.

Add these activities to your honeymoon to-do list and you can be sure that you’ll have a lot of fun. Remember that it’s all about having fun together and spending time before you get back to your usual lives. This means that you should make the most of it and try to enjoy new activities so that you make amazing memories before heading back home!

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