Talking to Your Teen About Drinking and Driving

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It can be challenging as a parent to speak with your teenager about some of the hardest topics of conversation in our society. One of those topics is drinking and driving. However, discussing this is something that you should do as a good parent looking out for their teenager and ensuring they remain as safe as possible no matter what else might be happening in their life. This is why you should focus on talking to your teen about drinking and driving.

Drinking and Driving Kills

The first thing you can mention when discussing with your teenager the consequences of drinking and driving are the frightening statistics about how many people are killed by this very kind of activity. It turns out that drinking and driving in the United States kills 28 people every day. That is a horrific thing to think about, and it is scary for all of us to deal with that reality. However, this might be eye-opening for your teenager.

Speaking with them about people you may personally know who have died in such a situation or who have near-miss experiences is something you can mention to them. Even a news report about someone who was killed in a drinking and driving accident can be a conversation starter with your teenager.

Young Adults Are Most Likely to Drink and Drive

The scary truth is that according to Insurance Navy, drivers between the ages of 25 and 34 are the most likely group to drive with a high blood alcohol content (BAC) in their body. Many of those people will get away with it for a time, but the scariest thing is that they might not, and that could result in them having an accident that ultimately changes their life and the lives of others forever.

Talk to your teenager about the fact that they are likely to feel some pressure to engage in these dangerous activities. However, you should make sure that you caution them against this. Help them understand that the peer pressure they receive today is nothing compared to the consequences they could face if they decided to get behind the wheel of a car after drinking.

Their Expenses May Go Up

One final thing you can mention to your teenager about drinking and driving is that they might see greater expenses coming down the pike if they drink and drive. Yes, they should be concerned about many other things related to drinking and driving, but sometimes a hit to the pocketbook will draw the attention of teenagers who might not respond to other things you mention.

It turns out that windshields make up approximately 30% of all auto insurance claims, which is important to consider when looking at the expenses that can rack up for you as you are looking at the total cost of an accident. Make sure your teenager understands this as you go over everything related to the fallout and the consequences of a crash after drinking and driving.

Make sure you sit down and have this conversation with your teenager before you let things go on much longer. You want to make sure your teenager can take care of themselves while on the road, and they may be already engaging in dangerous behaviors or thinking about doing so. Have this conversation so that they have the information they need before getting behind the wheel.

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