What Are Some Common Surgeries and Procedures Mothers Go Through?

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Motherhood can change a woman’s body in a number of ways. While being a parent is an amazing experience, some of the side-effects aren’t welcome for a number of mothers. This means that they’re going to work hard to change the imperfections that they feel they have and go back to their ideal body size and weight. As such, it’s a good idea to know some of the procedures that you could go through as a mom in a bid to improve your health and appearance.

1. Thigh and Buttock Lift

This surgery is one that’s popular among mothers who have multiple children, and it aims to lift the lower body, thigh, and buttock area. Over several pregnancies, there’s likely to be an accumulation of excess fat and skin around your midsection. When this skin and fat are removed, women are able to get back the smooth and lean appearance that they had before they started bearing children. Note that in 2019, according to Forbes, nearly 11.36 million plastic surgery procedures were done around the world.

2. Liposuction

Liposuction is another popular surgery that helps women fit back into their pre-maternity clothes. It extracts fat tissue around areas of the body that are prone to collecting fat deposits. These include saddlebags, belly flab, and love handles, which have an easier time developing thanks to sagging and looser skin that’s a typical result of motherhood. With liposuction, all of this fat is removed and the skin is tightened in order to give you back the tight body you had before.

3. Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation helps to remedy the appearance of your breasts after the weight and hormonal fluctuations that come with pregnancy and breastfeeding. This may present as your breasts having lost volume or no longer being as perky as they used to be. Keep in mind that the recovery time for breast augmentation is anywhere from four to six weeks, a length of time that’s different from person to person. A similar procedure is a breast lift, but for this, there’s no adjustment done to the size of the breasts. They’re simply lifted so that they no longer appear droopy. This procedure calls for the removal of skin at the lower breast so that the tissue can be firmed.

4. Tummy Tuck

For an overwhelming number of moms, a tummy tuck is the first procedure that they’ll think about. This is because the skin around the tummy may lose its elasticity and thus be unable to spring back even after exercising and dieting. A tummy tuck or mini tummy tuck helps by removing stretch marks as well as the scars from cesarean sections and tightening the skin around the abdomen. This can go a long way in returning the skin around your abdomen back to the way it was during your pre-pregnancy years. You can effectively lose the pouch that’s common among women who have had multiple pregnancies and enjoy a slimmer appearance.

5. Hernia Repair

For some moms, a hernia repair can be important surgery as it will help boost confidence and also improve health. It pushes the material in the abdomen back where it belongs and also repairs the abdominal wall. As a result of pregnancy, your abdominal wall may weaken, bulge, or even tear. This is how a hernia forms. When the inner lining of the small intestine and abdomen poke out through this area. This can happen for a number of reasons, so it’s a surgery that anyone may end up needing. This includes approximately 1% to 2% of all annual births in the United States which, according to Penn Medicine, are via IVF.

As a mom, you could show yourself some love by booking one of those surgeries above. Some clinics actually offer a package solution that may be more affordable and target a number of pain points. Simply make sure to go to a certified and qualified professional who will be able to do a great job, safely.

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