6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore a Clogged Drain

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Taking care of your home helps prevent future issues from occurring. One of the minor issues homeowners ignore periodically is a clogged drain. However, this has the potential to be a major mistake. A national study highlighted that 15% of homeowners have spent time fixing a backed-up drain. While this may be viewed as a minor inconvenience, a clogged drain has the potential to cause significant problems. Here’s an overview of why your clogged drain requires urgent attention.

The Importance of a Functioning Drain

Your drainage system serves an important purpose. It helps keep your home safe and healthy. Structural damage to your drainage system may cause bacteria to build up and makes you sick. Other health issues may arise if the issue isn’t fixed as soon as possible. Drainage problems could attract insects and pests. Algae and mold could develop within the home, putting you at risk of developing respiratory issues. The dampness caused by drainage issues may cause the interior of your home to erode.

Toilet Damage

Drainage system damage has the potential to inconvenience you in multiple ways. Consider flushing your toilet while you’re in the bathroom as a way to measure your soil pipes. If you flush your toilet and the water level is lower than normal, that’s a clear sign that the drain may be clogged. If your drain is working properly, the water should flow quickly and smoothly. If the drain is only clogged a little, treat the issue as soon as possible before things get worse. In most cases, you can unclog a slow-running drain by purchasing a drainage cleaner.

Strange Smells

Strange smells are always a cause for concern. This is especially the case if a foul odor develops around the home. Perhaps you have cleaned the area and still notice a horrible smell. This is a clear sign that your drain is clogged because of waste. Sometimes food and dirt get lodged in the pipes. In some cases, waste hardens and becomes solid enough that it can’t pass through the pipes. Once water combines with the waste, it starts to degrade and the foul smell becomes even worse. Common areas where odors develop are sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and pipes.

Running Slowly

While a clogged drain causes water to run slowly, there’s also a chance it could cause an obstruction that causes long-term issues. When water mixes with soap, oil, and other ingredients, it may clog the drain pipes in your kitchen and bathroom. The water builds up over the drain and goes down slowly instead of immediately if the drain was functioning properly. As the water continues to build up, the pipes become narrow. This makes it difficult for the drain to function properly.

Higher Energy Bills

Clogged toilets are especially expensive. If you’ve noticed a spike in your water bill over the last few months, the most common reason is a clogged drain or a leak. Plumbing Manufacturers International notes that 13.7% of water use occurs due to leaks. The leak is likely connected to a drainage issue. Running water frequently causes your water bill to rise because there is a lot of water being wasted. If you’re having an issue with the drain, it’s important to take care of the issue as soon as possible to avoid spending more money on energy bills.

Noisy Drains

According to a recent study, 180 gallons of water is wasted every month if your dripping faucet fills up within a few minutes. This may lead to a noisy drain. You may also notice gurgling sounds as the water tries to go down the drain. The gurgling sounds are a result of air being trapped in the drain. The lack of water flow requires immediate attention. In serious cases, drainage issues may cause your pipes to burst. This generally occurs during the winter, when the excess water buildup in the drain freezes over.

Cleaning your drain every month is recommended. This will prevent major problems from happening in the future.

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