5 Tips for Protecting Your Large Property

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The goal of every household is to live a happy life, safe from dangers like burglars, and accidents. However, securing every inch of your property can become daunting, especially if it’s relatively large. While crime rates vary depending on your estate or county, you should take precautionary steps to keep your property safe. Here are five tips for protecting your large home.

1. Safeguard Your Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are the most common entry points into your house. 66% of all burglaries are home invasions, with 34% occurring through the front door, according to The Zebra. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure the two entry points are secured and hard to break.

For windows, you can install shatter-resistant windows to make it harder for intruders to break in. For sliding doors, ensure the hinges are in place, and there’s no wear and tear. Bars and grills are also a good way to secure windows and doors. Consider changing to smart locks if you bought your home recently. Remember, there are around 16,000 car and home lockouts in a day. As a result, ensure you always have a spare key.

2. Secure Your Garage

Remember to secure your garage because it could be an easy entrance to your home. 45% of respondents say a garage door is the main entry point to their home. You can upgrade to a smart locking system and window covers to hide your valuables from prying eyes.

Another good practice is keeping your door openers out of plain sight and your passwords private. Install exterior lighting to deter would-be burglars. Lastly, keep your garage tidy. If yours is messy, it can send the wrong message to intruders that security is not a priority for you.

When shopping for a security system, consider if the system requires professional installation or if you can do it yourself. The latter may cost less, but a professional installation has better results. When seeking expert installation, check the company’s reputation for customer service and the percentage of false alarms.

4. Put Up Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting makes occupants on your large property feel safer and acts as an early deterrent to intruders. Lighting creates a sense of occupancy that signals to the intruder that there’s someone in the home. Outdoor lighting also increases visibility, so intruders can’t hide behind shadows.

Since your property is large, you can’t light up every inch. Choose the most vulnerable areas, such as the paths leading to your home, driveways, and near windows and doorways. You can also use motion sensors that light up the area when someone passes by.

5. Insure Your Home and Have a Will in Place

Even with the best security measures, intruders may find their way to your home, albeit with more difficulty and the likelihood of being caught. Besides intruders, fires or weather damage can destroy your valuable property. That’s why it’s essential to have various coverage, including home insurance, to protect your home in all circumstances.

Another way to protect your home from falling into unintended hands is to have a will in place. Only 32% of Americans have a will, trust, or estate plan. With a will, you can ensure that the right person inherits your large property after you’re gone.

You can protect your large property by taking the right security measures at the onset. Securing your enormous property is more than installing the latest technologies. It’s also about habits such as always locking your doors, keeping your passwords private, and having a will in place. Be safe.

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