Reasons to Make Peace with your Darkest Emotions and Face Yourself

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Do you feel sad, angry, critical, or anxious? The good news is that it doesn’t matter: negative emotions are fundamental to mental health, as long as we don’t prevent them. According to researchers, humans need to face the darkest emotions because only we can be healed and happy. Keep in mind that emotion is not just a name, but a grade to describe what the human mind can carry on.

While it seems logical to avoid our most negative emotions and memories in favor of others who are lighter, the fact remains that reality is not always made up of pleasant moments. These dark emotions, these unpleasant memories, are also part of us, our history.

In fact, the body can store the darkest emotions as pain points. In dealing with it, this pain, both physical and emotional, will be relieved. In other words, knowing and dealing with hidden and stuck negative emotions, such as resentment, anger, or resentment, can reduce the physical suffering produced.

Facing and meeting the dark side of man increases his chances of finding true happiness. Dark and light are like two opposite ends of a straight line. So accepting the dark side means you are really in the light. But don’t think it’s such an easy-to-understand and superficial thing. Recognizing one’s own dark side is actually something learned and constantly developed. Moreover, not every one of your dark sides has to drive you to productivity. So when you differentiate the darkness, remember that the feelings of discomfort and depression are very different.

If you’re still not convinced, here are reasons to make peace with your darker sides:

1. You feel complete

When you allow yourself to experience all the qualities of your humanity, you will gain a unique and satisfying experience. Seeing how many of your complex sides are, starts to give you happiness.

2. Your relationships progress

Things we are not aware of or do not want to happen can attract other people’s attention. However, as you get to know your dark sides, you can easily tell what “is yours” to the people around you and establish healthier communication.

3. Your awareness increases

Think of awareness and being conscious as the muscles that will actually take shape as you work on and tolerate your disturbing emotions and thoughts. Mindfulness exercises affect the frontal cortex in the front of the brain. In this region, the reasoning ability in the brain is the most intense.

4. Your health will improve

Whatever you don’t want to know about yourself or you’re afraid to learn, that thing will continue to exist. Your body also offers creative solutions to transfer the stress of this condition to other things. And this, in turn, can lead to headaches, shoulder strain, bleeding ulcers, or more serious health problems. Body and mind cannot be considered separately. As you touch the things that occupy your mind and don’t want to tell those people, your body begins to soften and become full of imagination again.

5. You transform

It requires an inner capacity to confront one’s dark side. It takes you out of being a child or adolescent and enables you to become a conscious adult. That’s why confronting your dark side is a means to mature and take an important step in your personal growth.

6. You are getting stronger with each passing day

No matter how bad things are right now, you need to remember one very, very important thing: You are getting stronger with each passing day. We can root the causes of bad things happening to us as much as we want. But that won’t cure the pain any further. The past cannot be changed, but a new future can be conceived. Embrace the fact that whatever is around you right now, you’ll be a stronger version of yourself when it ends.


The next time you are sitting alone in one place if you think something is scratching your mind or making you think, try meeting the dark side inside you instead of looking at the screen or distracting yourself with other things.

As we can see, the acceptance of our negative emotions does not make us bad people but gives us a clue to know ourselves. Indeed this knowledge is not possible to obtain if we only see our positive emotions because our shadows are also a part of us. To be able to live our own truth, we must accept everything to finally escape when we are ready.

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