6 Solo Activities You Can Do Outdoors

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Solo outdoor activities can be a lot of fun for many reasons. One reason is that they provide an opportunity to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of daily life at home or at work. When you’re out in nature on your own, you can fully immerse yourself in the experience and take the time to appreciate your surroundings. Another benefit of solo outdoor activities is that they can be very therapeutic. They can provide a sense of accomplishment and help to reduce stress and anxiety.

Outdoor fun can be a great way to get some exercise and improve your physical and mental well-being. Spending time outside can also be a great way to discover new interests and hobbies and challenge yourself in new ways.

Here are a few great solo outdoor activities to try.


Golf is a classic outdoor activity that can be enjoyed solo or with a group. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, there’s a course for you. 24 million Americans play 465 million rounds of golf every year, so you’ll be in good company. One of the benefits of playing golf solo is that you can go at your own pace and take your time to focus on your game. You can also choose the tee time that works best for your schedule.


Hiking is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the beauty of nature. It can be especially enjoyable to hike solo because you can set your own pace and choose your own route. You can also take the time to stop and appreciate your surroundings without feeling rushed. Just make sure to bring a map, plenty of water, and some snacks for the trail.


Boating is a wonderful outdoor activity that can be enjoyed solo or with a group. Approximately 100 million Americans spend time boating each year, and you may wish to join this number. Whether you prefer kayaking, canoeing, or motorboating, there are plenty of options for solo boaters. One of the benefits of boating solo is that you have complete control over your itinerary and can go at your own pace. You can also choose the route that you take and make as many stops as you like. Boating is a great way to relax, get some exercise, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Lawn Care

Lawn care may not be the first activity that comes to mind when you think of solo outdoor activities, but it can actually be quite enjoyable. Whether you’re mowing the lawn, weeding the garden, or trimming the bushes, lawn care provides an opportunity to get some exercise and enjoy the fresh air. Regular lawn care can net you about 267% of the cost of upkeep when the time comes to sell your house, according to HomeLight. Plus, the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel after completing a task can be very satisfying. Lawn care is also a great opportunity to listen to some music or a podcast as you work.


If you’re a nature lover, you might enjoy the peaceful and meditative activity of birdwatching. You can bring a pair of binoculars and a bird identification guide and spend some time observing the birds in your area. Birdwatching is a great way to get some fresh air and appreciate the natural world.


Fishing is another classic outdoor activity that can be enjoyed solo. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, you can find a spot to fish and spend some time casting your line. Fishing can be a relaxing and meditative activity, and it’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors on your own. Just make sure to follow all local fishing regulations and obtain the necessary licenses.

These are just a few examples of the many solo outdoor activities that you can enjoy. Whether you prefer golf, hiking, birdwatching, or fishing, there are plenty of options for solo activities in the great outdoors, so grab your gear and head outside to enjoy some time in nature on your own.

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