8 Things Homeowners Should Know About Their Roof

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Noticeably, roofs are one of the most critical elements in any home. Roofs protect your property from damage and give your house a classical appearance. Homeowners, however, underestimate the role played by their roofs and do not understand what pertains to them, their maintenance, and their functions. Below are things that every homeowner should know about their roof.

Your Roof Requires Regular Inspection

Maintenance is vital for roof aesthetics and a long lifespan. Before leasing or buying a house, inspect the roof conditions to avoid possible repairs. If you have built a new home, make regular inspection and maintenance a routine for the best services. Regular cleaning of gutters and shingles prevents mound growth and accumulation of dirt. A leaky roof can lead to huge losses if the damage affects investments in your house.

Different Roofs Vary in Quality

Various roof types are customized to have different qualities that consumers can choose from. From metal roofing, wood shingles, clay tiles, and slate to composite shingles, roofing options vary in durability, composition, and weight. Most metal roofs have 25%-95% recycled components depending on the materials used. Also, at the end of their lifespan as roofs, they are 100% recyclable, according to State Farm. Recyclable roofs preserve natural resources and are eco-friendly.

You Need to Hire a Competent Roofer

Roofing is a susceptible feature. Hire a professional roofer with the right expertise for your roof installation, replacement, and repairs. These days, professional roofing companies also provide roof cleaning services for homeowners. By use of special techniques, they use equipment that does not damage your shingles. Before hiring a roofer, check their experience, competency, and charges closely.

Your Roof Type Is Dependent on Where You Live

Depending on climatic conditions, different roof types work well in some areas. For example, hipped roofs are better in windy regions than gable roofs, whereas flat roofs are best in areas with drier weather. Water-resistant roofs are favorable in areas prone to heavy rain. Buy a roof that matches the climatic conditions in your place of residence.

Old Roofs Need to Be Replaced After Some Years

Roofing materials have different lifespans, long or short, depending on roof quality. As the homeowner, you will be needed to replace your roof to upgrade and restore your roof appearance. You will be expected to replace roofs to best fit your roofing needs. Homeowners consider weather endurance, maintenance, durability, purchasing costs, and energy efficiency when buying roofing materials. In recent research, durability was ranked number one at 88%, followed by longevity at 83% in determining which roof type to purchase. Both define how often you will replace your roof.

Roof Condition Determines Your Home Resale Value

Keeping your roof in good shape creates a pleasant first impression. When selling your home, leaky roofs can be a deal breaker, since no one is willing to invest in homes posing as a future expense. Bad roofs scare away potential home buyers at first sight. If you have a future reselling plan, keep your roof quality at par through proper maintenance.

Your Roof Should Be Energy-Efficient

Roofs act as insulators. When you install the right roof, you can save 10%-50% of your cooling and heating expenses by pairing it with attic insulation. Proper attic insulation keeps your roof at the same temperature, thus preventing the build-up of ice dams. Ice dams on the rooftops tear gutters off, peel paint, stain ceilings and loosen shingles. Fixing an ice dam or preventing its formation saves you from costly repairs and maintenance costs.

Your Roof Should Align With Your Home Design

Some roofing materials suit different home designs. As a homeowner, it’s essential to understand how to blend your roof type, color, layout, and house architecture. For a classic aesthetic look, your roof characteristics should be in line with colors painted on the house walls.

Roofs play an integral part in any home. Understanding your roof type is suitable to accustom you to the essential maintenance requirements. By acting on the visible roof damage, you will be able to save money and maintain the value of your roof for a long time.

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