6 Tips for Planning the Backyard Wedding of Your Dreams

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Deciding to host a backyard wedding at home adds a layer of intimacy and significance to your big day, while saving you some cash. While a backyard wedding seems straightforward, you’ll need to organize all the logistics that come with an established venue. Here are six tips for planning the backyard wedding of your dreams.

1. Consider How Much Space You’ll Need

A backyard wedding can be as simple or elaborate as you want. Regardless of your choice, you’ll need to assess your space, crunch some numbers, and determine if it’s ideal for you. Depending on the number of guests you’ve invited, and the kind of drink, food, and entertainment you want to provide, you’ll likely need lots of space.

Consider hiring a wedding planner to help you assess your backyard and coordinate site visits with vendors who’ll tell you whether it’s possible to set up their stands in your space. If you intend to hold part of the ceremony inside, think about storing some of your furniture or possessions outside of your home to make more space.

2. Think About Rentals

In addition to the dance floor and tent, make a list of everything else you need to rent. These include silverware, linens, chairs, and tables. You should also work with your caterer to make a list of any additional cooking equipment you’ll need depending on the cuisine of your choice. Wedding rentals are valuable for couples who choose to host a backyard wedding and reception. As you search online for wedding rentals, be patient with the websites you are looking at. Don’t be like the 47% of people who give up on a website that takes more than two seconds to load.

3. Get the Necessary Permits and Insurance

While hosting a backyard wedding gives you far more control over the event, it necessitates additional licenses and insurance. The exact permits and inspections you’ll need depend on where you live, but your zoning department will typically need to assess your wedding tent.

There may also be noise ordinances you need to adhere to. If you’ll be serving alcohol, you’ll need a liquor license. Most gatherings that involve alcohol tend to end up in an accident or two, so it’s wise to get property coverage or liability insurance. To avoid the last-minute rush, get the appropriate clearances as soon as possible.

4. Rent Generators

Between the additional lighting, food prep equipment, sound system, and more, you’ll need generators to handle the extra power load of your backyard wedding. Work with your planner to organize meetings with your vendors so you can determine the exact amps needed to ensure you’re renting the right equipment. To make sure you have enough juice for the ceremony and reception, rent an inverter generator instead of a smaller non-inverter generator.

5. Choose Between a Live Band or a DJ

Your music choice sets the atmosphere for your wedding reception. This begs the question: do you hire a DJ or a live band? DJs offer a well-balanced selection of music, are frequently less expensive, and occupy less space. Live music, on the other hand, might be more expensive (depending on the band size). A live band gives your guests the pleasure of a private performance and adds to the occasion a sense of intimacy. Choose the option that best suits your venue and financial situation. With the right speaker, phone, and iPod, you can even successfully DJ your wedding.

6. Be Innovative With Your Food and Drinks

If you’re hosting a formal wedding, hiring a premium catering company with full service is a great option. However, if your ceremony falls on the more informal side, you can be a little more creative and rent a food truck, or ask your favorite restaurant if they’d like to set up a stand at your reception. According to NPR, almost 45 million people in the United States go on a diet every year, so make sure to include some healthy alternatives as well.

More people are gravitating to the idea of intimate, at-home backyard weddings as they are more intimate. Feel free to use these tips to plan your backyard wedding.

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