Useful Tech Upgrades For Your Business

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Recent life changes have impacted many companies. Business owners are brainstorming different upgrades to keep up with the changing times. Perhaps you are looking to make changes as well. Here is a look at some common tech upgrades that may improve your business.

Enhanced Security and Monitoring

Assess your cloud security. Switching to versatile software is recommended. Adaptive software quickly notifies you about performance errors and provides feedback on how to provide better customer service. Having strong security and monitoring is very important if your company has an official app.

Back Up All Data

Many companies that failed to switch to cloud technology have been compromised due to remote workforce changes. Perhaps you are struggling to navigate more than 90% of your workforce completing online tasks at the same time. Try to back up all the important data and increase your cloud’s bandwidth.

Switch From Fax to Email

There are still some cases where fax machines serve a relevant purpose. However, those cases are becoming smaller as technology improves. It’s strongly advised to switch from fax to email as soon as possible if you haven’t already done so. You can still send and receive faxes while also reducing space and saving money in your office. You help minimize the chances of something going wrong. According to a recent study, almost 50% of home structure electrical fires involve damage to electrical distribution equipment such as wiring, plugs, cords, and switches. Switching to email is also more efficient because you can transact business regardless of your location.

Consider E-Commerce

Moving to an E-commerce venture has the potential to generate substantial profits for your company over the next few years. Companies are embracing E-commerce platforms as a way to increase sales and stimulate customer engagement. Adding E-commerce aspects to your business will help you improve your sales margins.

Consider Wireless Mesh

Perhaps there are some faulty spots in your building where your wireless network doesn’t function properly. Consider installing a mesh network. Switching to mesh makes your network faster and more reliable. You could even save money on your monthly bill. Another variable impacting the wireless network is the move to 5G. A recent study notes that 5G speeds will be over 10 times higher than the average mobile connection by 2023.

Upgrade Your Operating System

While many apps and software perform automatic upgrades, it’s important to stay on top of it. Check your devices regularly to ensure that they are still compatible with the latest software updates. Falling behind on software upgrades leaves your company exposed to an attack. Computer hackers routinely develop complex schemes to infiltrate data networks.

Multifactor Authentication

As previously noted, hackers are developing complex schemes to infiltrate networks and get their hands on sensitive data. Using multifactor authentication is highly recommended, especially if you have a remote workforce. MFA mandates multiple steps for anyone to login into the network. It’s one of the easiest ways to prevent unauthorized access to your network.

Consider Cutting Back

Perhaps some of your old apps and solutions are no longer relevant to your business. Consider cutting those items as part of streamlining the company. Streamlining the company helps you accomplish tasks faster and more efficiently. Install apps that allow you to navigate multiple tasks at once. Also, consider saving money by purchasing a multi-functioning unit. Having a unit that prints and scans documents will help you avoid buying replacement items on a regular basis. Perhaps you’re planning of downsizing the office space by switching to a suite instead of a full building. Make sure that your suite has an alarm installed. According to a recent study, only one out of every seven businesses has an alarm system installed on the premises.

Companies are being forced to adapt to a changing landscape or risk falling behind. These tips will help your business stay ahead of the competition and potentially save money as well.

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