7 Things Homeowners Should Know About Their Roofs

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The roof is an integral part of your home and may compromise the rest of your home if it sags or leaks. Homeowners are advised to educate themselves regarding the roof and what must be done over time. Below is a list of things a homeowner should know about their roof.

They Require Regular Maintenance

Most households take roofs for granted, and most homeowners often do the maintenance when a problem like a vast water leak arises. Paying attention to the rooftop is vital as it is the first line of protection from elements outside your home. Failure to address the fundamental maintenance concerns will lead to expensive repair fees when a problem arises. Always keep an eye on degradation indicators, including roof rot, as rotting shingles and timber are dangerous issues to have. Leaves falling on the roof encourage the growth of moss and algae, forming a moisture barrier that promotes the rotting process. Perform routine maintenance on the roof by removing the decaying leaves to prevent water leakage, which may spread to the structure of your house. You may consider installing lightweight steel roofing that is 100% recyclable with class 4 hail impact resistance and class A fire rating.

Maintain the Gutter System

Gutters help to channel rainwater from the roof to the ground. It would be best to keep watch of your gutter system to eliminate flooding, pooling, and property damage. Gutters with fractures, gaps, or holes may leak, which causes the rainwater to pool around your property. If this happens, it can cause erosion and foundation damage. An incorrectly sloped downspout and accumulation of materials in the gutters prevent water from flowing through the downspout, which causes the water to seep under the shingles, resulting in roof damage. Maintain your gutters routinely by inspecting the indicators of deterioration and cleaning them regularly.

The Roof Will Not Survive Indefinitely

Your property may survive for centuries, but a typical roof must be rebuilt after a few decades. Depending on the roofing material, a properly maintained roof may last between 20-30 years. Inquire from the former owner regarding the home’s age, recent repairs, and warranty information before purchasing a property. Keep this knowledge in mind when making plans for the household’s financial well-being, as buying a property with an old roof means you will be forced to go to the market for a new roof after a few years.

Research Various Roofing Options

There are different options available when it comes to the roof. A report from RoofingContractor.com indicates that metal roofing and single-ply accounted for 52% of total sales revenue for roofers in 2021. Those living in stormy regions, for instance, should consider impact-resistant shingles, which can endure the strongest winds. Those living in sunny areas should consider installing energy-efficient shingles with the help of a roofing contractor. If a roof is practical and looks good simultaneously, the property will attract a higher resale value.

Proper Ventilation Is Critical

The attic is located under the roof, and poor ventilation turns the space into a mold trap. The sun hits the roof directly during the daytime, causing the area underneath to heat up. Once the heat combines with the moisture in the attic, it provides a perfect environment for mold growth. Proper ventilation minimizes the possibility of mold growth as it ensures that moisture does not stay in the enclosed space for long.

Trim Branches Around Your Roof

Trim any tree branches that are close to your home regularly. Harsh winds and storms may cause the branches to fly onto the roof, which may cause damage. Failure to trim the branches early subjects your home to threats of mold growth on the roof and clogging of the gutter. Therefore, frequent trimming of hanging branches close to the roof is essential for healthy roofing.

You Should Hire a Professional

Hiring a professional roofing expert to perform roofing maintenance is a brilliant idea. The professional will assist you in identifying various issues, including structural damage, leakage, and flashing damage, in protecting the roof from further damage.

A regularly maintained roof increases the home’s aesthetic value and boosts the curb appeal. Roof maintenance is one of the home improvement projects that a professional roofing contractor best handles.

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