5 Tips to Help You Spice Up Your Charcuterie Board

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When making a charcuterie board, you may get overwhelmed with options: but there’s nothing that can stop you from creating a one-of-a-kind deli tray!  From the incredible meat, cheese, and bread choices: to the sweet fruit and tangy pickles you can add, everything gives you the chance to pick a custom option that nobody else will have.

These are five ways to make your charcuterie board stand out and why it matters! 

Add Some Sweet Heat

Heat is the best way to shake up a boring charcuterie board.  Nobody wants to be stuck with many one-note flavors, so instead, add something like pepper jelly dip to add some heat.  This will give you a reason to dive back to the safety of creamy cheeses and will add balance to the entire board.

Consider Your Hit of Sour

Whatever sour or pickled item on your tray you decide to add matters.  Of course, some go for the cliche of just adding some green olives and calling it a day: but this doesn’t add enough flavor or acid to really break up all of the sweet and savory flavors on your charcuterie board.  Instead, think about adding spicy pickle slices or even making your own quick-made pickled cucumbers.  You can flavor them any way you want and make your board really stand out.

Don’t Get Boring Crackers.

Crackers may be a staple of charcuterie boards: but they don’t have to be.  Instead, consider getting a mix of soft and firm bread that people can enjoy.  This could be toasted sourdough, soft milk bread, or anything else that speaks to you.  Crackers are fine, but they’re also boring and don’t offer enough texture to do anything besides hold cheese and meats.  Have more fun with it, and give yourself better bread to enjoy.

Consider Goat Cheeses

Goat cheeses are often ignored in place of mozzarella or brie.  This type of cheese shouldn’t be looked over, though!  Instead, consider getting goat cheese with flavoring added, according to what you want on your board.  In 2022, the current trend for goat cheese is to go berry-forward, allowing gorgeous blueberry goat cheese to make a colorful splash on your charcuterie board and offer a taste of almost-cheesecake whenever a sampler wants it.  

Make a Dessert Board Too!

What’s the best thing to follow a delicious charcuterie board?  A dessert board!  Create a dessert charcuterie board with fruits, chocolate, cookies, sweet cake bread, and jelly.  You can make it as out there and strange as you want or ground it closer to what’s tried and true, but it’s important that you have fun with it.  Being whimsical and making a board unlike any other will give you the chance to create something absolutely amazing.  

Every Charcuterie Board is a Work of Art!

Whether this is your first charcuterie board or you’ve made dozens of them before, it’s important to create a tray that speaks to you!  Have fun, mix, and match, and make a board of flavors you’ll love.

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