9 Ways to Find the Right Siding Company

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In Kentucky, where there are nearly 335,000 registered businesses. This means it’s easier than ever to find the business you need for your next home project. Did you know about 50% of the homes listed on the DC Metro didn’t sell the first time they were listed? Lack of a siding may be one factor behind the low resale value. It would help to take a step and install new siding as it changes the overall aesthetic of your home and increases your home’s value.

However, getting the desired return on this investment means hiring the right siding contractor to do the work proficiently. That’s why you must research sufficiently to hire the right industry expert. Follow these nine ways to find a suitable siding company.

1. Research Material Options

Estate vinyl siding, steel siding, fiber cement siding, metal siding, and more offer unique features. Some have higher functionality, durability, and longevity than others. According to, vinyl siding can withstand nearly 110 mph winds and heavy rains. That’s why it’s essential to pick a material that can allow you to fashion the appeal you’ve in mind for your house.

2. Check Out their Background

You should have the contact and address information of the contractor. Ask for the full street address if they provide their P.O. Box. A company with a physical location authenticates its legitimacy.

3. Request For Insurance Proof

A trustworthy siding contractor should offer at least two insurance covers: Worker’s Health and General Liability. If the contractor damages the siding or your house, they should cover that.

You might be liable if a worker gets injured and the contractor doesn’t cover the medical bills. Therefore, request proof of coverage and review the conditions and terms so that you’re well informed.

4. Confirm Their License

You should ensure the company is fully licensed to operate in your locality. Typically, most states examine the contractors before allowing them to offer services in that locality. They need to have a business and contractor license–which shows that they’re qualified to work.

5. Visit a Home Show

Visiting a local home show lets you chat face-to-face with the contractor. This adds a personal touch to the hiring process. Ideally, if the contractor has taken money and time to establish a display at home, it proves they’re a serious business.

6. Confirm Their Pricing

Pricing is an essential factor to consider when choosing the right home siding contractor. Compare each contractor’s level of services, reputation, and quality of their artistry. Please note that cheap isn’t always better because it may lead to poor craftsmanship or even low-quality materials that might look awful before starting to deteriorate with time.

The cost depends on your house size, the type of siding you choose, and if they charge extra for adornments like brick or faux stone. Always ask for what’s included in the price and inquire about additional charges associated with your project before signing the dotted lines to avoid confusion later.

7. Check Referrals

This involves asking your relatives, neighbors, and friends for recommendations for a reliable siding company. Word-of-mouth recommendations can significantly help you find the right company to work with!

Moreover, most companies provide before and after photos of their previous projects. You can use this information to make a quick decision based on how the pictures depict the quality of services.

8. Accept Many Bids

It would help if you got several bids for your siding project. Most siding installation companies provide you with a free estimate. You can also let them visit your property to review your specifications.

Beware of bids that are way lower or higher than others. This might mean they don’t understand the work enough. It might also mean they’re lowballing the bids to get hired immediately, only to offer low-quality work.

9. Confirm if They Subcontract Work

A well-established contractor should have a qualified team led by a highly qualified leader. Unfortunately, some contractors subcontract their work to save money and end up having huge-employee base management problems. Take time to verify that they aren’t secretly subcontracting your project.

Of course, this isn’t the ultimate list. There are other practical ways to hire the right siding contractor. Overall, take time and effort to research when selecting the right siding company for your project. Good luck!

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