Careers You Can Have With a Veterinary Degree

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If you’re considering pursuing a career in the veterinary industry, you’re also probably wondering what opportunities are available after earning your degree. Most people assume veterinary degrees only lead to jobs in animal hospitals and clinics, but you can pursue several career paths with this degree. Here are four paths you can pursue with a veterinary degree and make good money.

1. Veterinary Surgeon

As a veterinary surgeon, your days typically involve performing surgeries on animals to treat illnesses, injuries, and other health conditions. You can work in zoos, animal hospitals, or private clinics. To become a veterinary surgeon, you’ll need to complete additional training education in addition to your veterinary degree. A hair strand typically develops for two to six years, enters a resting period for a few months, and then falls out before balding or hair loss occurs. When this happens, people seek hair restoration treatment.

Some dogs also experience hair loss. Hair restoration is available for dogs. No special licenses or credentials are needed to work in the field of dog hair restoration because it’s not a recognized veterinary specialty. However, certain veterinary surgeons or dermatologists offer hair restoration for procedures such as skin burns, injuries, or some types of alopecia in dogs.

2. Diagnostics

Establishing a definitive diagnosis is essential to treating animal diseases. Veterinarians who specialize in diagnostics also have advanced training in microbiology and pathology. These professionals devote their careers to developing and using cutting-edge equipment and techniques to analyze samples like blood or tissue to provide the veterinary and animal health community with precise, creative, and timely diagnostic and consultation services. Diagnostic laboratories can be privately owned and run or associated with veterinary or medical teaching hospitals. In diagnostic labs connected to teaching hospitals, veterinary experts often participate in teaching and research.

3. Pet Groomer

The average occupancy rate for grooming establishments in average communities is 73%, making this a potentially lucrative career choice. As a pet groomer, you’ll provide services such as haircuts, bathing, and nail trims to pets. You can work in different settings, including animal hospitals, pet stores, grooming salons, and mobile grooming units. Some groomers also offer house calls for clients who prefer to have their pets groomed in the convenience of their own homes.

Pet grooming can be a fulfilling option for people who have a passion for animals and helping them feel and look their best. Note that this career path is physically demanding and will require you to spend long hours on your feet. You must also be ready to work with aggressive animals and occasionally nurse bites or scratches.

4. Gene and Cell Therapy

Gene and cell therapy is an area of interest in human and veterinary medicine. It involves the use of genetic material to treat or cure diseases. As a result, the demand for professionals in this field is growing. Veterinarians specializing in gene and cell therapy can work in different settings, including private practices, pharmaceutical firms, or research facilities that specialize in this treatment.

As a gene and cell therapy specialist in the veterinary industry, you may conduct clinical studies, develop new treatments, or deliver specialized care for animals receiving gene or cell therapy. You can also work in the package and labeling sector. Packaging and labeling are essential to maintaining the product quality and efficacy of gene and cell therapy. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in gene and cell therapy in the veterinary industry, you’ll need additional training in genetics, molecular biology, or other relevant fields.

People are increasingly adopting pets as they become aware of the mental and physical health benefits they offer. This means that the need for veterinary services will only continue to rise. So if you’ve been considering pursuing a career in this industry, you’ll be happy to know you’re on a path toward a fulfilling job.

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