You Should Work Out Because You Love It, Not Because You Want to Lose Weight!

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Here we will explore ten other reasons to work out other than losing weight.

It seems like the number one reason that drives most people to work out is to lose weight. It’s a good reason though, but it doesn’t always motivate people to carry on their work out routine. Most people decide to work out merely to lose weight, and the majority don’t succeed for various reasons. The main reason is the loss of motivation because gaining results might be frustrating.

However, there’s a solution to that loss of motivation, and “it’s training because you love it!” Love is usually more motivating than gaining results (you can ask artists about that).

Gaining results is not the point in training. Results that include weight loss are only symptoms of regular exercise. It should be satisfying to gain concrete results, but they shouldn’t be the driving force behind training.

To help you understand the full range of the benefits of training, we will explore ten more reasons to train regularly. 

Exercise Can Be a Great Stress Relief Strategy

It’s no surprise that a workout is can help you relieve stress; there are all sorts of scientific data that prove that. After a session of high-intensity training, few things can bother your mind. Work out also decreases food cravings that lead to compulsive-stress eating habits.

Work Out Will Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

Again, it’s well documented in the scientific literature that low-intensity to moderate workout helps you regulate your internal clock, thus improving the quality and time of your sleep. However, the data shows that to improve the quality of your sleep through exercise, you need to persist in doing it for at least 16 weeks. It’s the best natural remedy against insomnia, according to the medical community.  

Work Out Boosts Your Energy (Obviously)

Studies show that the best way to have a productive day, each and every day is by moderate exercise in the morning. It will help your mind release endorphins, which are happy-mind hormones that boost your mood and productivity. Exercise is one of the best cures for chronic fatigue and bad mood.

Exercise Help Your Brain Release “The Happy Hormones”

If you feel the Blues all the time, perhaps you should try training. Any sensible psychiatrist would suggest that to their patients because it’s 100% effective and easy. Your mood will thank you for regular work out, and the people around will appreciate your company more.

Exercise Improves Your Brain Power

It’s not only your body and mood that benefit from exercise, your cognition and brain functions also experience a boost thanks to regular workout routines. Exercise broadens your attention spans and problem-solving mechanisms, which are two major brain functions that you need to improve for a healthy life. Your motor skills and kinesthetic also experience a significant update with exercise.

Regular Exercise Fights Neurodegenerative Diseases and Improves Your Memory

It’s well documented that you can prevent neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s through regular exercise. Additionally, the brain benefits from memory improvement, short term, and long term memory.

Training Boosts Your Immunity

One of the best benefits of exercise is improving the functions of your immune system, making you less prone to fall sick from flu and cold. Additionally, when you actually fall sick, you are more likely to improve in less than a week thanks to your exercise routine.

Training Boosts Confidence

Boosting your brainpower, immunity, mood, health, and more are all reasons to love working out. Consequently, all of these improvements will make you more confident about yourself, and you should. A person has to be proud of her/himself if they have a healthy life.

Exercise Helps You Beat Addiction

The positive benefits of training will drive your mind and will to stop seeking instant gratification from addictions. You will be able to control craving a lot better thanks to exercise; that’s why the medical community suggests exercising to addicts. 

Exercise Will Improve Your Work Performance

As we’ve already mentioned, few things improve productivity like a morning workout. It’s obvious that many of the best-achieving people exercise regularly, often in the morning before they go to their work.


By now, you must be in love with training. If you want to see results, don’t lust them. Instead, try to love workout more than losing weight. That way, you’ll lose weight without stress or false expectations.

And the best thing about training is the fact that even moderate training can improve your health to the point of surprise. So, you better not do high-intensity training at first to avoid frustration. Frustration is one of the leading forces that make people stop exercising, mainly because they start with high-intensity training, while they should aim for starting moderately and upping the game with time.       

It’s clear to see there’s more than one reason to get your workouts in. Take note, though—moderation is still important. You aren’t going to get the many benefits of exercise if you overdo it. Overtraining can have the opposite effect, leaving you tired, moody, and depressed. It should be something you enjoy, not dread.

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