Relationship Between Exercise and your Night Rest

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To maintain health, night sports can be an option for some people who have difficulty getting up early or are more active at night. There is a presumption that excessive physical activity at night makes us difficult to sleep. However, this is nothing to worry about because as long as everything is properly prepared, the effect will not interfere with the quality of our sleep.

According to related research, someone who is used to exercising in the morning tends to be more consistent and exercise better. Even so, because our body temperature is lower in the morning, it takes a longer time to warm up. In some people, exercising in the morning is very difficult for various reasons and they feel more comfortable exercising at night. So far, there is no convincing evidence that calorie burning will be more efficient in the morning or other times.

Whether we choose to exercise in the morning or at night, it’s important to know our body’s circadian rhythm. This rhythm is the body’s biological clock that impacts bodily functions, such as blood pressure, body temperature, hormone levels, and heart rate. Much is said about the relationship between physical exercise and our night rest, finding controversial opinions about it and many times, advising against training in the last hours of the day to rest better, however, is this adequate? What does science say about it?

Just as our body needs rest to perform at its best when we exercise and at the same time promote recovery, the physical effort could also influence our night-time sleep, favoring or hindering it. We show you what the scientific evidence indicates:

Exercise is always in favour of a good rest

During sleep our body repairs and creates new structures regulate body temperature and balances energy expenditure, hence exercise can be seen as a tool that encourages sleep and adequate night’s rest.

A study carried out with older adults found that compared to sedentary people, those who began to practice moderate-intensity physical exercise achieved a considerable improvement in the quality and duration of sleep. It could even be a good alternative for the treatment of insomnia if exercise is practiced regularly, as it is a much healthier and safer alternative to sleeping pills.

On the other hand, exercise without falling into overtraining, but practiced regularly, helps to improve mood and reduce stress, which may also be one more factor by which exercise is presented as a good option to sleep better and positively influences our night’s rest.

If I exercise before I sleep, do I still sleep better?

Much is said about the boost in metabolism that exercise causes and its potentially detrimental effect on night rest, however, I have always wondered, who exercises just before going to bed?

The truth is that as a general rule, after intense training we usually take a shower and feed ourselves. Only to later use the body to sleep, something that could be different if the exercise is of low intensity. But then, it would not produce such an increase in metabolism and therefore, it would not interfere with night rest.

A study published in Sleep Medicine compared the effects of training in the morning and the late afternoon and found no difference in the effects of exercise on sleep, as both favored night rest.

Health benefits of a night exercise

  • However, a recent study revealed that night sports are safe for anyone. Condition, the exercise you choose is not strenuous and is done more than one hour before bed. Clean bathroom.
  • This fact was obtained from 23 studies that looked at the relationship between sleep quality and the activities that the person did before closing his eyes. As a result, people who do exercise at night get faster and better quality sleep than those who do not exercise before bed.
  • Conversely, people who do night sports near their bedtime will experience the opposite effect. They will have difficulty closing their eyes and have poor sleep quality.
  • Apart from improving the quality of sleep when done properly, the other benefits of night exercise are similar to those of exercise in general. You will have a healthier heart and lungs, can lose weight, and lower your risk of developing several types of cancer.
  • A study stated that difficulty sleeping due to night exercise can be caused by vigorous exercise performed one hour before bedtime. So choose the right time before exercising at night and be good at choosing the type of exercise that is right for you.

Final words

So, science tells us that, far from harming night rest, exercise regardless of when it is performed benefits sleep in all its aspects. And I support this evidence. Since the days on which I run are precisely the ones that rest best and before, when he ran at night, he still enjoyed these benefits.

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