Commandments for Raising Successful Children Without Overparenting

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How do we help my child be successful? The first thing you have to do as a mother is to make sure your little one is happy. That’s where everything starts.

As a parent you want your children to be well first of all, but also to be successful in life, that they are strong, righteous people with values. In short, you want the best for your children. Translating it into practical acts is not easy: how to do it without being overwhelming? How not to confuse what’s best for you with what’s really best for them?

The most essential thing in helping your children and raising them in ways that increase their chances of success is not trying to make them the way you want them to. But instead, support them to become them.

You can’t plan your childhood or life, you need to commit yourself to get the best out of everyone, adapting to the personality of each child, each with its own needs and nuances.

It is proven that the training you give your child at an early age determines his personality. And that is the way you educate his influences when it comes to meeting his goals or not. To be proud of your children, let them work a little, so you will help them develop emotional stability and be a good example to follow.

Follow the commandments for raising successful children without overparenting:

Strengthens their self-esteem

Children, who eat and rest well, feel like better people and students. They will be willing to work on everything necessary to face life with courage.

Children should feel loved and valued

Be patient, attentive, have a warm demeanor, and give lots and lots of hugs. Appreciating the uniqueness of your child and offering love gives him security. A child who feels loved and valued is a child who feels understood, recognized, and respected.

This creates a connected child who will be able to foster relationships with peers and other people. These relationships are the social connections that provide the foundation for healthy emotional well-being.

Promote their fun

In several posts of  Being Parents we have mentioned that children need to learn to fend for themselves and be responsible, however, it does not mean that you have to demand too much of them. After class let him play and have fun. You are a child only once.

 Small families

At least that is the recommendation. It indicates that families with few children have children with higher school performance.

Constant positive communication

The way you speak to your children is the biggest factor in shaping their personalities and self-confidence. The foundation of self-confidence is self-esteem. Self-esteem is defined as how much you love and respect yourself.

So if you want to have successful and happy children, have constant positive communication with them. Never criticize or blame your children, or complain about them. Rather, tell them how wonderful they are and speak constructively. When these actions come from the most important people in children’s lives, the psychological foundation of self-esteem is being established that will lead to self-confidence, something they need to grow up successful and happy.

Offer help

After coming home from school, play for a while, eat and rest; Call him at the table to help him with his homework. This way you will study and learn in less time.

Do not express yourself badly to your children

When you have a conversation with another person, express yourself well to your child. Parents who make a good impression on their children help motivate them and do well in school.

Schools with long hours 

It is proven that children who study in educational centers for long hours obtain higher achievements. Also, choose those that are mixed so that he learns to socialize with boys and girls.

Fun schools

One way to educate in values ​​is when you allow your child to attend a school where there are spaces to play, explore and laugh.

Discipline with love   

Teach your child about mathematics, history, languages ​​…, but also form an exceptional human being. Show him that a person is not only successful when he becomes an engineer, a doctor, or a lawyer. But also when he does not hide his feelings and emotions. That in addition to getting good grades knows how to ask for forgiveness, help those who need it and be tolerant.

Final words

Make sure that your son learns to treat his classmates from school, and that he values ​​and respects them. And may your daughter love herself as she is, with her strengths and weaknesses.

To have happy and confident children, make sure they have rules. Children want and need rules. As a parent, you need to establish communication, discipline, and obedience without becoming a dictator.

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