Organic Vegetables are Overrated!

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How organic food is trying to trick you

Buying organic food is a trendy thing these days. Everyone thinks that buying organic food is a good health solution and it’s also beneficial to the environment. The term ‘organic’ has become associated with healthy, tasty, fancy, and clean.

Organic vegetables are usually a lot more expensive than regular ones. People are spending more money because they believe that buying organic vegetables is good for them. Many other people take advantage of this situation to make money without delivering the promise (if there is a promise, to begin with). 

                  In this article, we will see if organic vegetables are actually worth their prices and whether or not they are beneficial, or are they just overrated.

Expensive doesn’t mean high-quality all the time

                Organic foods are typically more expensive than their regular counterparts. The data that has been found on Consumer Reports Analysis shows that organic foods are, on average, 47 percent more expensive than regular foods.

                In other words, it seems like the word organic has become associated with luxury. The strange thing is that people are willing to pay more money just for that label.  

Organic food is not necessarily good for the environment

                Everyone knows that synthetic pesticides and fertilizers are not good for the environment. Pesticides and fertilizers are harming pollinators like bees and butterflies, and they pollute waterways. Organic farmers don’t use synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, but they have their alternatives. Organic farming also needs pesticides and fertilizers. Organic farmers just don’t use the synthetic ones. The natural pesticides and fertilizers, which are also harmful in their own way.

                According to some studies, Organic farming releases more greenhouse-effect gases than regular farming. Big corporations are now more involved in the mass production of organic vegetables, and their mass production techniques yield more harm than expected.   

The health benefits of organic vegetables are insignificant

                The studies on the nutritional value of organic food show us that their health benefits are insignificantly small.

                According to a 2009 meta-analysis, there is no difference in the nutrients between organic and regular. However, two other studies conducted in 2012 and 2014 confirmed that there are actually differences, but they are acutely insignificant. The 2012 study discovered that the levels of phosphorous levels are lightly higher in organic foods. And the 2014 study discovered higher levels of antioxidants and low levels of cadmium in organic foods.

                Therefore, it’s advised to eat vegetables no matter how they are. It doesn’t matter if they are organic or not.

Organic farms are also cruel to their workers

                Working on a farm is undoubtedly hard. People are often exploited. Unfortunately, the farmworkers in organic farms are also victims of that exploitation.

                Thinking that organic farms are run by hippies who are super friendly and treat people equally with respect is far away from the truth apparently. This news article tells us that the organic farmers are exploitative and they violate the minimum wage. It also tells us that the workers are not allowed to speak with inspectors and they discriminate against people.

Organic food doesn’t always taste better

                Good taste is the product of many factors. Sometimes, organic food tastes rather worse than regular food. Knowing that the nutritional value of organic food is practically zero compared to its regular counterpart, why should a person sacrifice the good taste of regular carrots that taste sweet to the organic ones that taste like mud?  

What is the point we are trying to make about organic foods?

                The point is, essential, to not be tricked by the label that says organic and asks for more money in return. You won’t get anything special in return. You’ll just spend more money for nothing.

Conclusion & how to get the best vegetables, organic or not

                If you want fresh vegetables, you have to go to a local farmers’ market. When you do that, you can ask the farmers directly about their farming process and get answers on the spot.

                Buying from local farmers is a lot better than buying a falsely labeled product at the supermarket. Supermarkets exploit the willingness of people to buy expensive foods just because those people believe that buying organic is good. Also buying from the local farmers’ market will turn out to be cheaper.

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