Can We Solve Our Problems in Our Dreams?

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Learn how to use your sleep to help you to solve waking life problems.

            The neuroscientist Otto Loewi gained a Nobel Prize after he figured out an experiment to support his theory on neural communication in a dream.

            The scientist says that he had a dream about the experiment that he duplicated in real life only to succeed in supporting his theory. The problem that troubled him for 17 years has been solved by his subconscious mind in the dream state.

            There are many similar instances of people using their dreams to solve problems.

What people dream about?

                People usually have dreams that are related to stressful events in their lives. People also have dreams that are related to their daily lives. For example, a teacher is very likely to have dreams in the classroom more than a musician, who will probably have dreams that are related to performances.

                Many musicians, for example, report having dreams where they play their instruments. One Italian musician, Niccolò Paganini claims to have received one of his most difficult compositions from the devil in a dream.

How to use dreams to enhance learning?

                Scientists report that studying before sleep is very likely to make the information stick in your mind after you wake up. During sleep, your brain processes the information and transmits it from the short-term memory system to the long-term system.

                Sleep is always recommended after study for the best results and memory enhancement.

How to trigger problem-solving in dreams?

                Scientists have developed a way to trigger the problem-solving feature of our dreams. To use this method you need to pair the information that presents you with a problem with sensory input (smell or sound for example). You might listen to a song before sleep while thinking about the problem. After that when you sleep and reach a deep state, you trigger the memories of that information by playing the same song. Then, your brain will bring it forward to process it better.

                However, this method doesn’t help when you present yourself with completely new information. You need to use it on something you already know and presents a problem. For example, using this method to learn a new language might not be as effective as you want it to be.

                Note that the scientist above knew everything about his theory and how to test it, he just needed to piece it together. That’s where sleep and dreams came forward and helped him.

How to do it on your own?

                Research is still not sufficient on this subject, but some technologies are devolved to make it possible. Using your sleep as an extension of your waking life to solve problems at your will is a dream that everyone would like to achieve.

                Fortunately, there are some apps that you can download that make that possible (more or less). The apps provide instructions and the necessary steps. They also coordinate your sleep and trigger the information using short music clips, or whatever.

Is it related to lucid dreaming?

                In a way, this is not news people have used methods that trigger lucid dreams for ages. Lucid dreams are dreams where you know you’re dreaming and you’re aware of that, making you have a certain amount of control over your unconscious mind.

                Targeted memory reactivation is like lucid dreaming, only more specific and practical. Lucid dreamers sometimes do it just for fun because everything is possible in the dream state. You can fly, ride a dragon, or have sex with Angelina Jolie when she was 19. Most active dreamers appreciate the fact that they can be and do whatever and anything they want in their dreams.

                Targeted memory reactivation on the other hand is a useful method that you can add to your repertoire to use when you face a problem and waking life is just not enough to solve it. You have all the info and somehow, your brain can’t piece it together. Targeted memory reactivation does that for you and helps you see the bigger picture.


It shouldn’t come across as a surprise to you, doing targeted memory reactivation because as a human, I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences without even trying. Knowing this method will make things a lot clearer and it will open up new opportunities where you are in control rather than just waiting for it to happen.

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