Habits of People with High Emotional Intelligence

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Knowing how to relate, speak and listen, communicate and manage emotions, be assertive, make decisions, accept compliments… All of this makes us more capable and more willing people to face the problems of life!

We invite you to analyze these habits that people with high emotional intelligence have and discover if you have them and in what quantity. Remember that everything can be improved and everything can be learned. It is never too late to start and change is not a matter of age.

Here are the habits of people with high emotional intelligence

Recognize feelings 

They have a large emotional vocabulary that helps them know how to express exactly how they feel and put it into words. Also, they have what we would call “empathy,” that is, putting themselves in the other person’s shoes and feeling what the other feels. They recognize the expressions and non-verbal language of other people to interpret what they are feeling and get as much information as possible from it.

Surround yourself with positive people

They know that relationships greatly influence their lives and therefore seek to relate to people who are a good influence. They select their friends very carefully, this does not mean that they are carried away by appearances; On the contrary, they are open to knowing any type of person regardless of their physical appearance or social position. They know that the value of a person is inside them and to get inside someone you have to allow yourself to know them first.

They are strong and do not take offense easily

People with high emotional intelligence are characterized by having a firm personality and not taking other people’s comments too seriously. Threats are not taken personally and they know how to differentiate between facts and opinions.

They differentiate constructive criticism from criticism that only tries to sink them and they know how to stay away from derogatory comments that only bring destruction. They know how to distinguish between attacks and how they react to those attacks and decide to do so in the least painful way for themselves.

Focus on the positive, even in adversity

Highly emotionally intelligent people are aware of their surroundings and do not focus too long on the negative. They prefer to keep the focus on the positives in every situation, even when they have problems. 

They do not get overwhelmed with problems and sink but put all their energy into what they can do to solve the situation, what does depend on them, and what they have under control. In the face of all difficulties, there is something positive to focus on.

Proactive, not reactive

People with high emotional intelligence are proactive, that is, they move before the situation demands it. They propose plans, strategies, objectives, etc. They have a mindset and attitude toward success and they act towards their goals. They look at life from a learning perspective, not a victimhood one.

In this way, they do not resign themselves to a passive role in their lives but rather “take the bull by the horns” and it is they who write their destiny. They don’t wait for life to move, they move first.


You already know the habits of people with high emotional intelligence, now is the time to put what you have learned into practice. Perhaps in some points you have felt identified and in others not, we invite you to incorporate into your life those habits that you consider can improve your well-being.

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