Why Your Child Needs Braces

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If you have a child, it is important that they visit an orthodontist while they’re still young. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, your child should have their first appointment around the age of seven. During these appointments, your orthodontist can examine them for any current or potential orthodontic problems. While this might seem like a hassle, it can be a gift to you and your child. Here are some reasons to get your child braces.

Better Jaw Function

If your child’s jaw is out of alignment, it can cause problems in both the long and short term. By getting braces early, you can take care of the problem while they’re still children. It is certainly possible to wait until adulthood. In fact, one in five orthodontic patients are adults. But you can save your child years of pain and frustration by getting their teeth checked early.

Easier to Keep Clean

Good oral hygiene is a gift. If you establish healthy habits early, your child won’t struggle to keep their teeth and gums clean later in life. However, crowded teeth can be difficult to clean properly. This can result in decay and other issues. By getting braces, you can straighten your child’s teeth and repair overcrowding. Braces will gradually shift the teeth so that they are not crowding each other. Then, you will have better access to the spaces in between them and be able to keep them clean without struggling.

Reduce Damage Risk

If your child’s teeth are protruding, they are at a higher risk of damage than teeth that are in alignment. Gift your child with braces early on in order to keep their teeth aligned. As your child grows, their teeth will shift and potentially protrude even more. Braces will control that shifting and prevent any protrusion that could result in tooth damage later.

Reduce Future Dental Needs

If you’re concerned about the cost of braces, you aren’t alone. Braces can be expensive. However, getting your child braces now can help reduce their dental expenses in the future. Since braces help keep your child’s teeth from protruding or crowding, they will have an easier time caring for their teeth. This will prevent a lot of problems that arise from poor oral habits. Plus, aligning your child’s jaw when they’re young can help them avoid pain and other procedures in the future. So consider this a gift to their future self.

Improve Their Confidence

Many children need braces. In fact, 25 to 50% of all children could use them to improve their jaw’s appearance and health. If your child has crooked teeth, they might be very self-conscious about it. This is especially true for older children and teenagers who don’t have braces. By getting your child braces, you’ll help them improve their appearance. This can give your child a confidence boost. If they feel confident, they’ll be more secure and have better mental health. However, if they are self-conscious about their appearance, it can make them feel depressed. So, while braces are a lot of work, they can have a major impact on your child’s confidence later.

If your child needs braces, you should get them. Braces are an investment of both money and time, so you need to plan accordingly. Even so, they can transform your child’s life. Not only will they look better physically, they will also be better protected against many of the issues that plague people who did not get braces as a child. They also won’t need to make the decision to get braces as an adult in the workforce later on. So, talk to your child’s orthodontist and make a plan to get them braces.

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