7 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

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As the New Year arrives, most parents commit to being healthier. However, kids can also benefit from health-related resolutions that will keep them healthier and happier, too. The new year is the perfect time to help your kids implement life changes that will have a lasting impact. Sitting down to talk about New Year’s resolutions is a spectacular idea, but it’s good to have a few talking points in mind before diving into that conversation. These are some great New Year’s resolutions to discuss with your little ones.

1. Brush Your Teeth Twice a Day

The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice daily. That’s because plaque can turn into tartar within as little as 12 hours. If left in place for too long, plaque will harden and have to be removed by a professional dental cleaning. However, brushing your teeth twice daily will remove plaque while it’s still soft. That means fewer cavities, healthier gums, and healthier teeth overall.

2. Drink More Water

Drinking ample water not only keeps us hydrated but it’s also better for your teeth. Energy drinks, such as Monster and Rockstar, strip away twice the tooth enamel compared to sports drinks, such as Gatorade. However, when you drink water, you don’t have to worry about that. Water doesn’t hurt your teeth. It helps rinse away plaque throughout the day, resulting in a healthier smile. It also helps to keep your kids hydrated, which is crucial for their health.

3. Wear More Sunscreen

About 83% of Gen Z purchases organic or natural skincare products. While these products are packed with good-for-your-skin ingredients, they don’t always contain an SPF. The harsh UV rays from the sun increase the risks of premature aging, cancer, age spots, and more. Encourage your kids to put on sunscreen not just when they go to the beach but every day. Sunscreen can not only protect you from UV rays from the sun but also from digital screens as well. Just be sure that you’re using sunscreen that contains eco-friendly ingredients.

4. Drink Green Smoothies

Eating healthy is an excellent New Year’s resolution, but that can be too vague for kids. Instead of overhauling their diet, consider implementing healthier foods, like green smoothies. Green smoothies are usually made using Kale and other fruits and vegetables. Kale is packed with vitamin K. Fruits and vegetables are full of rich antioxidants that can also keep your little ones healthier. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about nutrition and involve the entire family in making healthy recipes.

5. Exercising Regularly

Exercise is important for improving mental health, mood, and health. It can also help your kids reduce their risk for chronic conditions later in life such as heart disease. Make sure that your kids are getting outside and getting active if they’re able to. See if they would be interested in taking up sports outside of school, too, such as dance, volleyball, or soccer. You can also exercise together in a way that’s fun such as going on a hike or playing tag outside.

6. Trying New Foods

A healthy diet consists of a variety of foods, including different colors of vegetables and fruits. However, kids don’t always eat a variety of different things. Children tend to have favorite foods that they eat regularly. Parents tend to make those same foods repeatedly because they know that meal times will be easier. This leads to kids missing out on key vitamins and nutrients that they need to be healthy. Start the new year with a commitment to trying different foods with different colors. This will encourage kids to have a healthier diet.

7. Washing Hands

Kids tend to always be in a hurry to get things done to do what they enjoy. This often involves skipping hand washing before meals or after going to the bathroom. Unfortunately, your hands are a cesspool of germs and bacteria. Once your little one touches food and puts it in their mouth, they’re more likely to get sick if they don’t wash their hands first. Making handwashing a habit is an easy way to stay healthy.

New Year’s resolutions are a typical time for parents to commit to being healthier. However, it’s important not to leave the kids out of your healthy lifestyle. Encourage healthy habits, such as brushing teeth and washing hands, to get them started on a healthier path, too. Then, make lifestyle adjustments to build a foundation for a healthy lifestyle that will last a lifetime.

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