5 Remodeling Tips for Your Master Bath

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Many people love to do a bathroom remodel, given that it’s small and presents an easier and faster job for you. If you want to remodel your master bath and want to do a great job the first time around, have a look at the five tips below.

1. Use Color

One of the best things that you can do during a remodel of any room in your home, not just the bathroom, is to play with color. If you choose the right color, you can make your master bathroom look bigger than it actually is. Pick a color from the white or light end of the color spectrum for your walls, ceiling, and fixtures.

Darker colors, even off-white, can shrink the size of your bathroom and make it feel a bit claustrophobic. Stick to bright colors and you will enjoy a wider open space with a feeling of freshness to boot. This way, you can make your bath feel like it’s one of the 31.77% of bathrooms that are sized large even if it’s actually not.

2. Add Recesses

If you want to expand the space of your master bath physically and not just create an illusion of a bigger space, you should consider building recesses. This is an especially handy hack if your home doesn’t have the space to make expansions outward. Recessing the cabinets, soap holders, toilet paper holders, and even the ceiling lights can allow you a bit of extra room when you need it.

3. Upgrade the Floor

If you feel like your bathroom’s floor is taking away from the space in general, you should upgrade it without further delay. While solid wood floors can give your bathroom amazing depth when it comes to aesthetics, it’s not the most practical option. This is because wood does not respond too well to moisture, especially if it’s exposed for extended periods of time.

Some of the best options for bathroom flooring include vinyl tiles, luxury vinyl plank, porcelain, and ceramic tile. These can withstand the requirements of daily use in a mostly moist area like the bathroom. You can go for the color and texture that you want depending on the rest of the house’s decor.

4. Add Practical Storage

If you find yourself struggling with where to keep your latest facial cream, then you can benefit from adding storage during your master bath remodel. Make sure that this storage is practical and also plays a role as far as the overall aesthetics of the mater bath go. Remember that some pharmaceutical creams have no actives after one year and only preservatives remain. This means that you need to have your creams and medicines within easy reach so that you can use them as needed.

5. Get Creative With Decor

Finally, you can use decor to play up the best of your master bath. These could come in the form of wall hangings and even furniture. Remember that furniture is the third most expensive item that a person will buy in their lifetime after a house and a car. Shop for quality pieces, therefore, so that they can stay in good shape for years to come. The best thing about using movable pieces for decor is that you can change the layout whenever you please.

Use these five remodeling tips for your master bath to improve your likelihood of getting the space of your dreams. Work with experts for the best chance of success and you could enjoy your new space faster and with less hassle.

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