5 Incredibly Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Internet

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Nobody likes slow internet. But buying a new internet plan isn’t always an option. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to boost your internet speed without having to jump through hoops.

1. Use a Solid State Drive

One of the things that you could do to improve your internet speed is to switch to a solid-state drive. These use flash memory to enable them to deliver improved durability and superior performance. It’s also affordable, especially when you consider the benefits that it stands to offer you. You’ll enjoy faster speeds and a much better degree of productivity while you work from home. With a solid-state drive, you can say goodbye to eternal buffering and low-quality graphic abilities.

2. Reset Your Router

You could also try to reboot your router and enjoy much better internet speeds that will leave you surprised that all you really had to do was to turn your router off and then on again. To make sure that you reset your router fully, first turn it off and then disconnect it from the power supply. Wait for 10 to 20 seconds then plug it back in. Turn it on and give it time to connect, and most of the time, you will have resolved the issue. You can get back to fast and reliable internet as easily as that.

3. Disconnect Any Unused Devices From the Internet Connection

You should try to disconnect any devices that are connected to the internet but that are not actually using it. They may be slowing down your internet by bogging down the modem and using its resources. Disconnecting them could therefore allow you some additional bandwidth to use where it’s actually being used. If your router has an application on which you can see the connected devices, it should be easy for you to disconnect the additional ones and check if your internet speed improves. If it doesn’t, simply disconnect any devices you can see manually and see if this helps.

4. Clear Your Cache

An easier solution to consider before you buy a new device is to clear your internet cache and browsing history, Doing this could get rid of a malicious bug that may be affecting your ability to enjoy regular internet speeds. Even if there is no malware, the excess bits of data may weigh your machine down and slow it considerably. For this reason, it’s a good idea to get into the habit of clearing your cache on a regular basis so that your laptop or PC is not dealing with a log of useless data and information from the different websites that you visit.

5. Purchase a New Modem

If you have tried rebooting your modem several times and you are sure that the issue does not lie with your internet service provider, you should consider simply buying a new modem. This is a step to consider especially when you think about the fact that technology is rapidly evolving at any given time. If you have had your modem for a long time, therefore, you may have a better chance of enjoying the internet speeds that you want if you replace the modem altogether. You may be surprised to discover that the problem is not with a server or anything else, but it’s simply as a result of the modem being outdated and unable to keep up with the type of internet offered by providers.

These easy ways to fix slow internet could allow you to enjoy faster speeds almost instantly. Give them a try before seeking out more intensive solutions and you may not have to spend money if the first few solutions work.

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