Why some people eat anything without gaining weight while others don’t?

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What is the difference between slow and fast metabolism?

You hear many people complaining about their metabolism, they say it’s slow and they won’t ever lose weight. Other people who have fast metabolism seem to be always lean no matter what they eat.

However, determining that as the only explanation is not actually accurate. The matter is a little bit trickier than that when you see it from an expert perspective. Try to avoid any judgments or behaviors that cloud the simple facts. The simplest fact is that people who are active physically have a faster metabolism.

Hopefully, this article will shed light on the matter and help you understand, and thus control the situation a lot better.

What are the energy needs of your body?

Metabolism is the biological function of our bodies that keeps them alive and moving. There are three main jobs that metabolism does. The first is converting food to energy, the second is getting the building blocks of your body (protein) from the food, and the third is eliminating the waste.

When someone complains about the speed of metabolism, they focus on how much energy they’re getting from food and how much their bodies use (calories).

There are two categories of caloric needs. The first is the basal metabolic rate, which is the required energy during rest and sleep, which is 60/65% of the total amount. The rest of the percentage comes from other activities like thinking and moving around etc. It’s the second category. 

The daily needs of energy determine if energy is going to be spared or used. When energy is preserved as fat, people start to gain weight. Your energy intake should match the amount of activity you have every day.

Depending on your activities and age, metabolism varies

Depending on your daily activities, your energy intake and metabolism varies. People will a fast metabolism can owe that to genetics, but also physical activity. Physically active people naturally burn more calories, thus making them raise their calorie intake to compensate for physical activity.

Young people, especially teens, require more calories because as they grow up physically, they need more energy; that’s why teens eat a lot while still remain skinny (especially boys).

The point is many factors slow down or quicken metabolism. Naturally, a person who spends more time inactive won’t burn as much energy as someone active.

Activity is the determinant of adults when it comes to a fast or slow metabolism. This explanation is more intuitive and makes sense

What are the factors of metabolic rate?

One of the major determinants of fast energy burnout is muscle tissue. People who have more muscle tissue than fat tissue will burn more energy. So, the best way to increase metabolism is to have more muscle tissue.

There are also some medical conditions that we might explore in a separate article that influence energy burnout and make it either fast or slow. Fever, for example, makes metabolism faster, while depression does the opposite.

Surprisingly, smoking is one of the methods that few people use to have a fast metabolism. When you smoke, you burn more energy. 

However, the safest and most effective way is to stop complaining about your metabolism and start working out. Increasing your muscle tissue will enhance the rate of your metabolism and overall health, making your body more adoptive to your intake.


We hope that this article gave you some insight into the matter. To learn more about the subject there are plenty of sources online that explore the matter in detail. But don’t get caught out in the ideas and methods that stray from the simple fact that physical activity is what determines fast and slow metabolism essentially. 

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