What is Self-compassion and Why is it so Important to Choose it? 

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Often we try to grow with a focus only on the positive. Accept our talents and strengths but carefully avoid the perceived flaws. Although this gives us the utmost confidence. But it can reverse and lead to comparing yourself to others and criticizing yourself.

Is there a better way to increase your self-worth? This is where self-compassion comes in.

What is self-compassion?

Self-compassion means increasing compassion and self-understanding over time. Not just when you do well, when you are ‘good’, when you feel successful… but always.

We have divided self-compassion into three parts:

1. Kindness

When things go wrong or we feel a failure, we tend to criticize ourselves or bully ourselves to feel better. Being kind is about, instead of admitting that you’re not perfect and trying to stay warm and understand yourself if you feel bad.

2. Humanity in general

If we can look at ourselves like everyone else and remember that everyone suffers and no one is perfect, it will be easier to be kind to ourselves. This is not about blaspheming your problems, implying them. ‘It’s not a big deal, but it’s a story that doesn’t always live in a state of shame because you feel different or unusual.

3. Mindfulness

Mindfulness has been a relatively active movement in the field of therapy lately, including the rise of it. It involves presenting what is now true in a non-binding, open-minded way, as well as observing and accepting feelings and your thoughts as they are instead of judging or exaggerating. As we accept what is, we become more accepting of ourselves. 

Why do we need self-compassion?

We are used to demanding a level of perfection so unrealistic that we find it difficult to treat ourselves with indulgence and understanding. This is something we usually do when comforting other people who are having problems, but we rarely do with ourselves. We tend to punish ourselves when our circumstances are unsatisfactory and blame ourselves for every mistake made, even if they are common mistakes.

Practicing self-compassion is psychologically and emotionally beneficial. It makes our anxiety decrease and our self-esteem increase, as well as those we manage to better deal with problems. It’s about stopping punishing ourselves and being kind to ourselves. To understand that we are human and that to err is part of our learning. This reduces negative feelings that lead to serious conditions such as depression.

Ways to increase self-compassion

So how can a person be more compassionate about himself? Try these tips.

Admit that you are human 

The truth is that in life we ​​all have limits and make mistakes every time this happens. Try to remember that it really is a part of being human.

Find ways to take care of and comfort yourself

Just as you would with a new friend or partner, complete your mission of doing nice things for yourself that make you feel good. It doesn’t have to mean getting off your credit card debt with a special vacation and gift for yourself – often more than just comfort. But it means saying no to your friends if you’re too tired to go out, buy yourself some flowers. To brighten up your desk or write a letter of support to yourself.

Pay attention to your words

For the next week, notice how often you use words like always, should, and never — often an indicator of self-criticism. Raising your full awareness is the first step toward developing a more balanced internal dialogue. Changing your negative self-talk to be more friendly is a core compassionate skill and can help control stressful emotions.

Be your own best friend 

Keep asking yourself if I am not me. But being a good friend, how do I treat him? What support or advice will I give him?


Above all, self-compassion means that you are increasing your self-worth from the inside out. It doesn’t depend on what you have achieved or achieved. Rather, it is something that starts to flow naturally from admitting that you are as fine as you are.

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