Tips for Getting Hired Remote Work Employees

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Advertising, interviews, recruiting, and onboarding take time, effort, and money. Considering the loss of productivity of any new hire in the first few months, when they are still being trained on the job, it is not surprising that more and more companies are willing to go the extra mile to find the right candidates for their positions. Even more so when hiring and incorporating remote employees to telework. After all, in these circumstances, we cannot save the day by half-staring at a candidate’s resume for the first time in the meeting. Yes, we know, we have all been in that situation.

The work with a freelancer is straightforward, and they usually have solutions for it or give suggestions on how to do it. Through a freelance platform, you can find thousands of registered users who are available to help you. Here are some tips for getting hired remote work employees.

Determine what you are looking for in a remote employee

First, it is convenient to clarify what qualities or skills the candidate should possess. To do this, you should think of strategies to evaluate the ideal profile of the teleworker that mainly have to do with:

  • Adequacy to the mission, vision, and values ​​of the company
  • Ability to manage time
  • Capacity for teamwork
  • Adaptability
  • Communication skills
  • Self-motivation

Create a list of skills and abilities with which your company’s hiring team can evaluate candidates, focusing on the basic competencies necessary to successfully fulfill the role and work correctly as a remote member of the team.

Write a remote job description

The next step in hiring remote employees is to write the corresponding job description, making sure to include keywords that help identify it as a remote job and that attract new remote workers who are motivated, organized professionals, and committed to the objectives of the company.

Specifically, a remote job offer should include the following sections:

Job title

What profile are you looking for and what job position are you interested in filling? To answer this question, you must provide an accurate title that facilitates a quick search for jobs on job boards or job portals. Include key terms like “remote,” “telecommuting,” or “working from home” in the title of the job posting.

Optimize your recruitment process

We must always try to optimize the recruitment processes so that candidates feel heard and understood. There has been a lot of research on the candidate’s experience and the most important factor is that the candidate needs to feel that you have spent enough time with them to listen to their experiences.

Many candidates are really conscientious when it comes to joining a new organization, so understanding where your company is at becomes a very important part of the process.

Company information

Interestingly, your remote job offer includes company data. In this way, you will get candidates to know a little better the history and philosophy of your organization. It is also convenient that you include the postal address of the physical location of the company as well as the benefits and advantages available to remote workers.

Explanation of functions and tasks

What are the main roles to be performed by the remote employee? It clearly explains some of the tasks you will have to do, your daily activities, and your main goals.

Produce a database of candidates

Once the remote job offer is published, it could take a few days and even a few hours to receive the first resumes from people interested in working in your company. For this reason, it is advisable to create a Human Resources database in which you keep a record of possible candidates and you can classify their profiles according to the needs of remote work.

Arrange things for the remote interview

A personnel selection process of these characteristics requires not only a curricular screening but also a first contact with the candidate. In this sense, remote job interviews are easier to schedule and manage than those that are carried out in person. You can make them by phone, or by video call, making sure before agreeing with the candidate the day and time at which this job interview is going to take place. Remember that, sometimes, applicants reside in different cities, located in other parts of the world, so it is advisable to make sure of the time zones.

Explain the conditions of the contract

This is a bit of very practical advice when hiring telecommuters. Decide whether as a company you are going to bear the costs of water, electricity, or Internet during teleporting; It is also important that you explain to the potential remote employee the additional conditions or clauses to the employment contract as well as other aspects that you consider of special relevance so that they can carry out their tasks or functions in the company remotely.

 When hiring and managing employees remotely, the amount of time you interact with a candidate should be longer at the beginning, as there will be no those little holes to comment over coffee in the office kitchen. Without those personal interactions, people find it more difficult to connect with their new company and colleagues, and they tend to feel a little more distant, even socially isolated.

So try to establish more frequent points of contact, make constructive feedback, and use follow-up forms that new hires feel comfortable.

Keep this in mind and don’t let your new hire drown these feelings, actively making you feel welcome and happy in your new workplace. By following these tips, you will increase the chances that big losses will become a story of the past in your company.

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