The Top 5 Outdoor Home Improvement Projects of 2022

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It’s a great idea to research thoroughly the home improvement projects that you want to take on because not all of them are created equally. You have therefore come to the right place because outlined below are five of the top outdoor home improvement projects of 2022 that you should consider doing right away.

1. Start a Lawn-Care Program

The lawn has a big impact on the way your home’s outdoor area looks. This makes it important for you to take good care of it by either improving your current routine or putting a new one in place if you don’t have one. Do some research as well, so that you can find out things such as that hydroseeding is the most cost-effective, fastest, and highest quality method that there is of seeding lawn, erosion control, and landscape practice. With this method, you should expect grass to start growing in seven days, meaning that the new lawn will be established well within three to four weeks.

2. Add or Upgrade Your Deck or Patio

If you have a patio or deck, upgrade it by refinishing it or adding outdoor furniture to it so that it’s more usable. If you don’t have one, consider adding one. This will make your outdoors a lot more functional and it can be what you need to help your family start spending more time outdoors. Find out what the best material for it is as well as the colors you should use based on your home’s architecture and exterior finishes. This will improve your home’s value and aesthetics at the same time, making it a project worth your while.

3. Replace the Garage Door

If it has been a while since the garage door was replaced, you should consider replacing it in your next upgrade. This is because, apart from simply aesthetics, there is also functionality to think about. With the average garage door used between three and five times every single day, it’s reasonable to see how fast it can wear and tear. Replacing it will also improve your home’s value and might give you more efficiency if you upgrade the technology used to open and close it.

4. Build an Outdoor Kitchen

If you have the space and money, an outdoor kitchen may be the best project to add to your home. This is because it will improve your ability to host parties outdoors whenever you want to. You can also save some energy in the summer by cooking outdoors efficiently and therefore saving energy you would have used to cool your house if you had to stay indoors throughout. Since it’s an extra living space outdoors, you will have a more valuable home to boot if you add a proper outdoor kitchen.

5. Clean and Repair Your Roof

Finally, take time to clean up your roof if you haven’t already done so. This will make it easy to see if there are any fixes that you need to make to it. Homeowners are very likely to repair roofs after weather damage, with 65% of them saying in a consumer survey that it was their main motivation. While this may be the case, it’s not the best way to do things because this may leave your roof in a state that calls for extensive repairs and costs you a lot of money to get fixed. Set a regular schedule, starting from now, that will see you take good care of your roof and keep any damage in check before it gets out of hand.

Consider making these five top outdoor home improvements to your home in 2022. They will be among the best decisions that you made for your house in terms of improving the comfort and value of your home.

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