The 6 Life-Hacks of Fit and Healthy Women

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Being fit and healthy are two things that go together. If you’re staying fit, there’s a big chance that you’re healthy, and vice versa!

Adopting some of the habits that fit and healthy women are known for doing will make you one of them. Falling into the trap of bad habits is tied with our everyday subconscious patterns of behavior. To overcome those bad habits, you need to replace those bad habits in your subconscious with new patterns of behavior that will impact your fitness and health on a deep level.

So, here are the top 6 habits of fit and healthy women that you might want to consider adopting in your daily life.  

Balance the various aspects of your life

If you’re a working woman or a mother, it’s hard to lose track of the balance in your life. You might be too concentrated and engaged on your career or raising children to the point that you identify with them, and everything else is ignored.

It’s good to have a successful career, but that’s not what life is all about. The same goes for raising children. You have to cut yourself some slack from time to time and have some “YOU” time.

You got to keep the balance between your needs as a woman with your other needs. Your emotional state improves with self-care tremendously, which is super healthy for your fitness and body.

When you’re in a good mood, there’s little chance that you fall into the traps of binge eating, lack of sleep, and overstress.     

Consider Exercise on a Regular Basis

It’s truly strange how some people denounce their bodies to the point that they get sick and stiff, and they barely notice that. Exercise isn’t about being athletic or sexy all the time, sometimes it’s about survival as a human. I’m sure you know that already. 

But let me ask you, what are you doing if you’re not exercising on a regular basis? If you know the benefits of exercise you have no excuses to stop you from doing it.

Exercise doesn’t mean running a marathon nor lifting heavyweights. You can try yoga if you want something more laidback. Yoga is quite beneficial. Once you start doing yoga, you’ll notice immediately how your body enjoys it by releasing happy chemicals in your brain! In other words, it will uplift your emotions and spirit.       

Have adequate amounts of Sleep

We spend the third of our lives sleeping. If you’re spending less than that, you’re missing out on a lot.

Sleep should be revered as something sacred because it’s a portal to a better world in a sense. It’s a portal to a world of a healthy mind and a healthy body. You probably know that during sleep our bodies repair themselves and our brains do updates; it’s not esoteric knowledge after all.

Adequate sleep means 8 hours a day (minimum) in a dark quiet room that’s probably not too hot. Before you sleep, don’t use your phone nor anything with a screen that emits blue light rays at least one hour before bedtime, and try to do some meditation to free your mind. You can listen to music or read a book in the dim light.

Your sleep hours should be regarded as sacred! Also, make sure to sleep early and wake up early. Your body and mind will react very positively to that!

Your Breakfast is Also Sacred

Many cultures consider breakfast a sacred meal. That’s because it is! Ever heard of the saying “You are what you eat”. They should add to it “in your breakfast”.

If you have a healthy breakfast every day, you’re probably a healthy, fit woman.

Try to have something healthy each morning. Avoid foods that are high in sugar because they cause more harm than good. Coffee should also be avoided for breakfast because it might stress you out.

Have something nutritious every morning that has some proteins in it. You deserve that! Stay away from too many calories, only take what your body needs to stay fit and healthy. And if you’re drinking soda, please why? Stop doing that and get a smoothie with little sugar instead! 

Don’t forget to eat healthy stuff throughout the day, not just breakfast, lunch and dinner too! There are plenty of recipes and restaurants that offer healthy alternatives to your unhealthy diet (considering you’re not eating healthy). A quick internet search on Google will be more than enough to show you the right track!

Laugh more often

Laughter adds to your age, it’s no surprise! When you laugh, your body rejuvenates. Your cells also laugh in their own way, which promotes better health.

Laughter is a tricky thing because you can’t force it to happen. You can trick yourself by putting yourself in situations that will invoke laughter one hundred percent of the time.

How you might ask? Well, I’ve never seen someone in a stand-up comedy club not laughing. They’re either laughing their guts or feel offended. Comedians have one job, and they’re really good at it. You have to trust them for your own health!

I’m also sure that some of your friends can make laugh harder than being tickled. You should hang out with them more often!

Be Creative from time to time

Creativity and art can communicate our subconscious desires and needs better than language. If you want to hack your subconscious mind, you need to figure out what it wants to say.

Our subconscious minds are good at communicating symbolically and implicitly. To channel those messages to your conscious mind, you have to consider doing a creative activity, like drawing for example.

Staying fit and healthy is a matter of aligning your body, soul, and mind with each other by letting them communicate with one another. Through creativity, you allow your body, mind, and soul to have a conversation.

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