Shopping for Furniture Online: 4 Tips and Tricks That Help Your Wallet

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Decorating your home with new furniture is easier than ever thanks to online platforms where you can buy furniture. About 40% of buyers use social media to help them decide what they will buy according to Markets International. There are a lot of options online when it comes to furniture. How can you get the best deal shopping for furniture online? Follow these five tips.

Measure Twice, Three Times if Necessary

When you are buying furniture online for your home you are at a bit of a disadvantage because you cannot see the furniture in person which can make it hard to judge if a piece will fit in your home. Get out your tape measure. Measure the space where you will put the furniture in your home and measure the doorway that the furniture will come through.

Use the specifications online in the advertisement to mark the area where the furniture will go (mark with chalk) to get a visual. Measuring the doorway is an important factor because you want to be able to get the furniture through the doorway.

Don’t Be Afraid to Haggle

If you are buying used furniture, don’t offer the asking price right out the gate. Make the best offer and see if the seller will bite. Watch the ad, because the seller may get a little more eager to sell and take the best offer if the ad has been up for a few days.

If it is a piece of furniture that you just cannot live without, ask about an added-value service like free delivery. It never hurts to ask.

Read Reviews

According to Marketing Marvels, 14% of all retail comes from E-commerce sites. That means that a lot of people are shopping online for their homes, but that does not mean that every site can be trusted. You must read the customer reviews. Start with the negative ones and work your way toward the positive ones. It is important that you know who you are doing business with. You do not want to waste money on shoddy products.

Assembly Required

Most of the time when you buy new furniture online for your home you can expect that you will have to construct that furniture. Make sure you know what you are getting into. If your skill set is limited and the assembly is complex it will be a challenge and largely a waste of money if you cannot figure things out. As a side note, many manufacturers will offer assembly at a ridiculously high charge which can really put a dent in your budget. It is best to read assembly instructions before you pull the trigger and make the purchase.

Don’t Get the Extended Warranty

Many vendors offer “extended warranties” for furniture purchases. They are not worth the cost. It is an upsell tactic that does not really work out to your advantage. Be careful when you are shopping online that you do not click anything unintentionally. About 52% of pay-per-click comes from mobile users who accidentally clicked on a link according to MSFAT. Accidental clicking can get expensive when you are checking out online.

There are plenty of ways to save when you are shopping online for new furniture for your home. For example, there are apps that you can download that will “pay you back” when you shop at certain stores. There are plenty of discounts and coupons that are available online that can make furniture more affordable. Of course, there are many platforms online that you can tap into for used furniture as well.

Follow these tips to ensure that you are making a good furniture investment. Find ways to save on furniture for your home today!

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