How Your Roof and Windows Could Save You Money

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As temperatures drop during winter, insulating the roof and the windows become necessary. It helps keep the excess heat at bay during summer by maintaining a moderate temperature.

How the Right Replacement Windows Can Save Money

The market is usually flooded with low-quality, low-price windows with short-term life. Below is a list of features to minimize long-term costs and save money on energy bills.

Look For Windows Designed For Maximum UV Reduction. Heat loss and gain via the windows are responsible for almost 25-30% of residential cooling and heating energy use. The untreated glass of older windows allows ultraviolet light inside the living space, which causes discoloration of wood, carpets, and curtains.

Purchase new windows which are treated to block the harmful UV rays in the house without keeping the light out. It helps homeowners enjoy the sun during the daytime without losing money on it.

Ways Replacing Your Old Windows Will Save You Money

Replacing the old windows boosts the curb appeal and improves the look of a home. Installing new windows makes the home more attractive when installed and maintained properly. Plus, they save on the monthly utility bills.

Below is a list of ways window replacement saves you money.

Lower maintenance costs: Unlike older models, high-quality replacement windows require little maintenance. Hire a seasoned roofing installation contractor to install windows that are energy efficient along with the required ventilation. Make sure to purchase windows with a comprehensive warranty and those which are easy to maintain.

Increased energy efficiency: Up-to-date windows minimize the cooling and heating costs. Investing in energy-efficient windows helps in reducing the monthly utility costs. Consider units with several panes of glass when purchasing windows as they have gases, including krypton and argon, which offer energy efficiency and better insulation. Such windows have a low emissivity coating, allowing natural light into the house without transferring extra heat.

The Best Energy-Efficient Roofing Options

  • Insulation: Proper home insulation cuts the utility bills by improving energy efficiency. Roof insulation prevents the outside temperatures from reaching the attic space. Insulation prevents costly or heated air from escaping the home, minimizing the need to keep the HVAC system cranked. Insulating the attic and the roof costs less than replacing the overall top. If a homeowner needs to lower their energy bills without purchasing a new roof, insulation is a cost-effective approach.
  • Metal Roofing: Metal roofing comes in various shapes, colors, and substrates that suit commercial and residential buildings. According to reports from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, metal fabrication industries will add almost 12,000 jobs over the next decade. Besides its energy-saving capabilities, a metal roofing installation is a sustainable option due to the industry’s recycling efforts, as many manufacturers use recycled materials to manufacture metal roofing products.
  • Green Roofing: In terms of sustainability, no roofing material comes close to green roofing. Green roofs are a combination of vegetation and soil atop the flat roof. Modern-day urban developers prefer green roofs as they help combat the urban heat island effect as cities are usually hotter than outlying areas. From an energy-efficient standpoint, green roofs provide insulation and help absorb solar radiation by providing the required insulation, which keeps the buildings more comfortable. Besides assisting homeowners in saving money, green roofs offer communal and personal benefits, including improved roof lifespan and natural beauty.
  • Solar Tile Roofing: Solar tiles are usually equipped with photovoltaic cells which convert sunlight into electricity. Solar shingles are the best option if a homeowner is ready for a considerable investment and requires energy-efficient roofing materials.

How a New Roof Saves Energy Costs

Energy costs are usually expensive and are expected to rise in the future. Installing a new roof helps reduce the monthly use of gas or electricity since it is more efficient than outdated roofs and materials.

Solar Reflection: Reflecting solar light helps in keeping the home cooler, especially during summer. A roof that reflects solar light is more energy-efficient, lowering the surface temperature. Without proper insulation, almost 20% of each dollar spent on catering for home heating goes through the roof. New roofs are made up of materials that reflect sunlight away from the home to keep it cooler in summer.

Roof Ventilation: Roof ventilation helps to regulate the airflow between the attic and the roof. Attics are usually unoccupied areas and can get hot, especially during summer, leading to an increase in the temperature of the living space. If ventilation is inadequate, the heat will get into the attic, increasing homeowners’ energy bills as the heat has to be cooled. Installing a new roof between the living areas and roof helps keep the living space cool during summer.

There are many things homeowners can do to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Replacing the low efficiency and old windows and roofs is a step in the right direction.

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