Common Causes but Harmful Miscarriage: That You Need To Know

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Every pregnant woman wants her baby to be born healthy and safe. However, sometimes things that are wanted go the other way around. A miscarriage is certainly a heartbreaking tragedy that can cause physical and emotional scars for women. Miscarriage often occurs for reasons that cannot be controlled. In fact, it is very difficult to determine the exact cause of a miscarriage. 

However, some common things often trigger a miscarriage. Here are common causes of miscarriage that you need to know:


Bleeding is one of the most prominent causes of miscarriage. Any bleeding that occurs during pregnancy is considered a miscarriage threat. However, not all bleeding may cause miscarriage.

Severe vaginal bleeding is one of the most important symptoms of miscarriage. If severe abdominal pain begins to occur with bleeding and pieces of meat fall off, this is generally considered below. When these symptoms are experienced, it is recommended to go to the nearest hospital.


Spotting that occurs during pregnancy is generally thought to occur as a result of hormonal changes. However, if there is a pink and gradually increasing bleeding, it is recommended to consult a specialist.

Waist and back pain

People who have menstrual pain are more or less dominated by the pain that occurs during this period. Low back and back pain that occurs in miscarriage are similar pains. If the pain comes regularly every 15-20 minutes and it hurts enough to disrupt your life, you should contact your doctor immediately.


In addition to low back and back pain, cramps, and pain in the vagina are among the symptoms of miscarriage. If you have pain in the vagina that spreads to the back and buttocks, you may be at risk of miscarriage.


If symptoms such as fever, nausea, and vomiting are added to bleeding, it is among the most important symptoms of miscarriage.

Smoking Habits

Mothers who have a smoking habit also have a higher risk of miscarriage than those who are clean from cigarettes. In fact, mothers who smoke have a 35 percent chance of having a miscarriage. This is because, indirectly, the mother who smokes will pass nicotine and other toxic substances to the baby.

High Blood Disease

High blood pressure or hypertension can also be a cause of miscarriage. Hypertension can result in reduced blood and oxygen supply to the fetus. This can interfere with fetal growth and lead to miscarriage. 

Consuming Excessive Alcohol 

The more alcohol you drink, the higher the risk of miscarriage. Alcohol can enter the placenta so that it can easily enter the fetus in the womb. 

If it has entered the body of the fetus, the liver will not be able to break down alcohol in the body because the liver is still in the development stage. This can lead to miscarriage if the level of alcohol in the fetus is very high.

Misconceptions about abortion

Although spotting can be a sign of miscarriage, not every spot is a sign of miscarriage. However, bleeding is not normal even in small amounts during pregnancy and is considered an alarm and you must see a doctor. As long as there is only bleeding and the cervix is ​​closed (even in the case of pain). This condition is called a threat of miscarriage. Which may lead to miscarriage or go away with or without treatment and the pregnancy continues.

Absolute rest has no effect on preventing abortion and can cause very dangerous conditions by increasing blood coagulation and increasing the possibility of blood clots in the organs. For this reason, absolute rest is not recommended at all. In the case of partial rest, studies have not yet completely confirmed it. But it seems wise for a person who has a history of miscarriage or has symptoms of miscarriage to avoid strenuous work and have relative rest.

To reduce the risk of miscarriage during pregnancy, you can routinely check the condition of your pregnancy every month. If you feel unwell or feel the fetus is not moving, as usual, do not delay seeing a doctor. 

Inform your medical history clearly to the doctor, so that risk factors can be identified for the smooth running of your pregnancy. 

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