8 Things You Might Need When Planning a Backyard Home Wedding

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With 30% of brides spending as much as a year planning their wedding, it’s no wonder you might be making a list of everything you need to pull off a stunning backyard home wedding. From decorations and seating arrangements to caterers and florists, there are plenty of items that need to be taken care of before the big day. Below is a list of some other things you should consider when planning your backyard home wedding.

1. Printer for Invitations

If you want high-quality invitations for cheap, you’ll need a printer capable of delivering high-quality color and printing your beautiful invitations on glossy or photo paper! You can find a wide selection of printers in any electronics store, or online.

If you’re not art savvy, don’t worry. Consider getting help from a professional graphic designer or even an online template to design your invitations. After you have your invitations, simply print them out in bulk and mail them off using your printer.

2. Sound System

No matter the size of your backyard wedding, a good sound system is necessary. Whether you plan to have live music or just play some background tunes, a good sound system will ensure your guests hear every note and your wedding day runs smoothly. Look into renting a wireless microphone so that everyone can hear the vows, readings, and speeches.

3. Catering Services

Unless you want to take on the responsibility of cooking for your wedding guests, a caterer is a must-have. There are many catering services available that specialize in backyard home weddings, so make sure you shop around to find one that meets your needs. Ask them for a sample menu, along with pricing details and what type of service they provide.

4. Seating Arrangements

When it comes to seating arrangements for your backyard wedding, you have several options such as low-lying chairs, benches, or even blankets! If you’re having more than 50 guests at your backyard wedding, consider renting tables and chairs to make it easier. You can also hire a wedding planner to help you with the seating arrangements and other details of your wedding day that may otherwise be overlooked.

5. Decorations

Creating the perfect atmosphere for your backyard home wedding is essential! Consider decorations such as string lights, floral arrangements, candles, or fairy lights. These will all help to make your backyard wedding look and feel cozy and inviting. Don’t forget to include centerpieces for the tables, as well as any other decorations that suit your theme.

6. Tent Rentals

Depending on the size and weather conditions of your outdoor wedding, you may need to rent tents for additional protection from the elements. Rental companies usually have everything from small pop-up tents to large white canvas tents that are perfect for weddings.

To determine the size of the tent, measure the area you plan to use and make sure to ask your rental company for help in choosing the best size. You can also have a representative visit your home to take measurements and provide a quote on rental rates.

7. Artificial Turf

If your home doesn’t have grass, consider using artificial turf which is toxin-free and doesn’t need harmful fertilizers to grow! Artificial turf is a great option for a low-maintenance backyard wedding and also adds a beautiful, natural touch.

In addition, consider adding greenery such as potted plants, moss, and hanging vines to add even more of a natural touch.

8. Fire Pit

Adding a fire pit to your backyard home wedding can be an unexpected surprise that will have everyone entertained! From cozy s’mores to campfire songs, a fire pit is the perfect addition to any outdoor celebration! Be sure to check with your local fire department for any safety regulations before adding a fire pit to the mix.

These are just some of the things that should be taken into consideration when planning a backyard home wedding. With these tips, you can make sure your special day is one to remember!

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