5 Tips for Driving Your New Big Car Safely

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Driving a big car is exciting, allowing you to transport more family members, cargo, and gear for camping. However, with a bigger car comes more significant responsibilities. You’ll need to know how to operate your larger vehicle safely. Below are some tips to keep in mind for driving your new car safely.

Never Drive Under the Influence

Driving under the influence involves driving while impaired by drugs, alcohol, and prescription drugs. Many aspects of a DUI can be challenged, including these four main factors: reasonable suspicion for the traffic stop, administration of field sobriety tests, reading of Miranda rights, and implied consent rights. Regardless, it’s best to avoid driving under the influence altogether.

As a parent, you might also face legal repercussions if driving under the influence with children in your car. Remember to pay attention to drugs that state ‘Do not operate heavy machinery’ before taking your big vehicle on the road. Get ride-sharing services beforehand if you plan on drinking or need to take a prescription drug that causes drowsiness. You can also ask someone else to operate your vehicle for you.

Conduct Proper Vehicle Maintenance

Preparing your large vehicle by handling repairs and properly maintaining it is the best way to prevent accidents on the road. Recreational vehicles, or RVs, need to be appropriately maintained, just like a regular vehicle. Maintenance involves regularly changing the oil, which should be done every 4,000 to 6,000 miles or at least once a year.

Check your tires before going on vacation to prevent flat or burst tires. Get a tune-up and top off all liquids so your car will not overheat on the road. Check that all equipment is working, such as air conditioning equipment, backup cameras, and more. Checking this equipment can help save you the trouble of repairing or towing your heavy vehicle later on.

Never Drive When Injured Or in Pain

Driving while in pain can cause you to become distracted or can even lead to an accident. Even simple procedures, such as a dental appointment, can cause significant amounts of pain later on. Consider the fact that most crowns are made with precision-milled porcelain or metal made of gold or silver. Even a simple procedure such as a tooth filling can lead to pain that makes driving difficult.

If you know you’re going to have surgery or will have a simple procedure done, ask your doctor beforehand if it is safe to drive. If your doctor recommends having another person drive you to and from your appointment, follow their advice and get transportation from a loved one.

Practice Around an Empty Lot Before Hitting the Road

For a parent, nothing is more important than driving confidently and protecting little ones while out on the road. Increase your confidence levels while driving your big vehicle by practicing on an empty lot beforehand. Practicing on an empty lot can help improve your ability to maneuver your larger vehicle.

Consider taking a course if possible or getting help from someone who has driven a larger vehicle before. Getting professional training will allow you to drive a larger vehicle with ease. Practicing before hitting the road can also help you gain the skills to recognize problems with your vehicle before they arise. Get comfortable with your steering wheel, brakes, and other vehicle’s mechanical parts.

Adjust Your Seats and Mirrors

Consider adjusting your seats and mirrors before starting your drive if you’re a shorter person. You can also add fish-eye lens mirrors to help you see further on each side of the road. Adjusting your seats and mirrors can help you maneuver your bigger vehicle and reduce the risk of an accident.

Use these tips above to help you take control of a larger vehicle. These tips can help you drive your vehicle confidently and prevent accidents. As a parent, these tips can help your children stay safe as well.

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