4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Your Bedroom A Sacred Place

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We spend the third of our lives asleep, hopefully, in a comfy bed. Sleep is one of the vital bodily functions necessary for the survival of your body and mind. During sleep, our bodies regenerate, and our brains get rid of neural waste as we drift from one dream to another. 

Since sleep plays such a huge role, we should consider the spot where you sleep (your bedroom) a sacred place of comfort. While your bedroom is also the sanctuary where you enjoy the pleasure of making love to your partner, sleep is the primary function of the room. After all, it’s the bedroom where your bed waits for you to lay in it and drift to dreamland.

So, why is your bedroom should be considered a sacred place? And what are the mistakes you make that hinder you from enjoying high-quality sleep in your sanctuary?

1. Make Sure it’s Dark Enough

The circadian rhythm is tightly connected to our exposure to light, especially blue light. Scientists call that phenomena the inner clock. When you expose yourself to light during sleep, you don’t get quality rest. To make sure you get adequate sleep, you should make sure your bedroom is really dark. 

Aside from making sure your curtains are dark and blocking light from infiltrating your bedroom from the outside, you should also keep in the inside dark. Part of what hinders your sleep is the light that devices like computers, TVs, or phones emit. 

Since your bedroom is a sacred place where your rest your body, you should limit your exposure to screens there. One of the good habits you can pick up is to make your bedroom a no-screen area. When you only associate your bedroom with rest and sleep (also making love), your unconscious mind quickly puts your body into sleep mode, making it really easy to fall asleep. 

2. Make Sure you Have a Good Bed

Your bed is the central piece of your bedroom. If your bed is not comfortable, your bedroom is not comfortable. Your bed is very important because you spend at least 7 hours each day lying in there. 

Your bed must be comfortable, period. Your body should be able to feel as comfortable as possible in your bed; that why having an adjustable bed is a great idea. 

With an zero gravity bed , you should be able to switch the positions until you find one that’s most comfortable for your back, neck, and legs. 

There are many beds on the market with special designs that address every concern you might have regarding comfort. One of the biggest names out there is Ghosbed, with its many ergonomic features. 

3. Don’t Associate Your Bedroom with Activities that Keep you Awake

Your bedroom should be mainly associated with rest and sleep. One of the biggest mistakes we make is doing other activities in the bedroom like work and entertainment. 

When you associate your bedroom with other activities, you find it hard to go to sleep because you can easily get distracted, especially with devices; that’s why you should only associate your bedroom with sleep. The moment you step into your bedroom and lay on your bed, your body automatically goes into sleep mode, making it easy to fall asleep quickly. 

Associating your bedroom with rest and sleep doesn’t mean you should stop doing any other activities there. Many of us have our offices in the bedroom. Associating your bedroom with sleep is actually more about your bed. The mistake we make is laying in bed with our phones or computers, which makes the bed associated with browsing the internet and social media. 

That’s why many people sleep at 4 am after watching YouTube for 4 hours straight and struggle to wake up at 8 am. The moment you lay in your bed, you get an urge to stare at your screen with blue light, making falling asleep a challenge. 

Therefore, try to limit all the activities you do in your bed to only sleep and making love.

4. Keep the Air Clean in Your Bedroom

The air in your bedroom should be kept fresh and cool. Falling asleep in a room with the smell of mold and poor air circulation is not healthy. As a sacred place, your bedroom should be kept clean at all times. Make sure to open the windows every day after you wake up to let the sun Enter your bedroom. Your bed sheets and pillows should also be clean all the time. 

While all of this might sound like a cliche to you right now, chances are good you’re not taking good care of your bedroom. That’s why it’s not considered a sacred place for you. Your unconscious mind should associate your bedroom with liveliness, rejuvenation, and rest if you want to spend the third of your life in a healthy way in there. 

Bottom line

So, it’s time for you to re-establish the status of your bedroom in your hierarchy of values. Your bedroom is as sacred to you personally as any other sacred place. Most of us are the product of two people making love in a comfortable bedroom, and we all need a bedroom for sleep. 

As the place where you spend the third of your life asleep, your bedroom should be associated with sleep and rest. It’s your duty to make sure your bedroom offers the necessary conditions for you to sleep adequately.

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