The Importance of Keeping up With Your Family’s Dental Appointments

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Dental care is absolutely essential. However, one in five Americans admit that they have not seen a dentist recently. If you’re a parent, it is your responsibility to make your family’s appointments. If you don’t receive regular dental care, it can have a major impact on your health. Here are some reasons why it is so important to keep up with family dental appointments.

Full Cleanings

Brushing and flossing at home are very important. However, they cannot get rid of all of the plaque and germs on your teeth. In order to do this, you need to go to a dentist’s office. They have the equipment necessary to fully clean your mouth. By going regularly, you prevent plaque from building up to unsafe levels. The AAPD states that children should see a dentist every six months. These appointments should include cleaning, x-rays, and an exam. So, if you’re a parent, make sure you’re keeping these appointments.

Set Good Habits

As a parent, you’re also helping establish your child’s lifelong habits. Regular dental care is one way you can have a positive impact. If your child gets regular appointments when they’re young, they’ll be used to going in for cleanings and exams. Then, when they’re older, it won’t be so difficult for them to make their own appointments. By making dental care a normal part of life, you’re setting them up for success in the future.

Find Problems Early

There are many problems that can occur in your mouth and jaw. Some are very small while others can be devastating. Your dental appointments are your opportunity to find and resolve these problems. By getting regular appointments, you can often find them early. Either your dentist will notice something is off during your exam or you’ll be able to discuss a problem you found. Resolving problems early on can make them much easier to manage.

Finding problems at your regular dental appointment can also help you avoid unnecessary pain. Cavities and gum disease are two very common complaints that can lead to discomfort. If you or your children don’t go to the dentist regularly, you might not get the pain relief you need until much later.

Get Orthodontic Care

Out of the four million people in the United States who wear braces, 75% are children under the age of 18. Your child’s dentist will want to watch their development over the years to see if they need braces or other orthodontic care. During their appointments, the dentist can check for problems in jaw growth, teeth alignment, or other indicators that they might need braces. This will allow you to get to an orthodontist and treat the problem as soon as possible.

Learn Proper Dental Hygiene

A parent is usually the one to teach their child about dental hygiene. However, the recommendations change and the parent’s knowledge might not be complete. If you go to the dentist regularly, your dentist can teach your child all about proper dental hygiene. They’ll learn how to floss their teeth and brush them completely. If they learn the correct methods during their appointment, it will be easier to implement these habits at home in between appointments.

Good dental hygiene is essential. If you have problems with your oral health, it can impact every other part of your body in some way or another. This is why it is so important to go to the dentist regularly. As a parent, you can help your child establish good habits and get the care they need as they grow up and start their own adult lives. So make sure that you keep up with your family dental appointments.

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