4 Tips for Building a House for Your Aging Parents

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Anyone who has had the experience of growing up with a caring parent will be likely to do their best to give this parent a comfortable time when they start to age. One of the ways in which you can do this is to build them a house in which they will enjoy spending time as they get on in age, and the following are four tips to help you do that.

1. Improve Accessibility

As people age, simple tasks such as turning regular door knobs may become an issue for them. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to perform some interior considerations to improve the home’s accessibility. Install regular door levers instead of door knobs to make sure that it’s easier to open the doors. Add grab bars along the corridors as well as around the bedroom so that it’s not hard for your aging parents to get around without assistance. These changes should be easy enough for you to do given the fact that over the next decade, specialized interior design industries are forecasted to increase at a rate of about 20%.

2. Remember to Light It Up

Proper lighting will go a long way in improving the comfort and independence that an aging parent can enjoy at home. With this in mind, make sure that there is lighting placed strategically throughout the house to aid your parent in getting around. Ensure that the light switches are easy to find and to turn on so that your parents don’t have to search for them in the dark. This lighting need not be harsh because its purpose is to simply illuminate corridors and other areas that may not have ambient light when it’s dark outside. To make the home a bit more energy-efficient, you should install light-emitting diode lights which will consume less power to keep on and also last for a longer time without needing to be changed.

3. Consider Mobility

Also remember that as your parents age, their mobility may become a bit more limited than it used to be. Make allowances with this in mind, by installing low-riser toilets, for instance. These will be easier to sit on and stand up from without requiring assistance for most people. Also, make sure that there are ramps to connect different levels and make them easier to access for people in wheelchairs or that use other walking aids. You should be motivated to have these allowances for people with limited mobility throughout by the fact that in 2019 alone, more than 8 million patients were in need of emergency medical care for injuries related to falls. Making the relevant allowances for mobility will help minimize such risks for your parents.

4. Make it Spacious

Finally, make your parent’s home spacious enough that they won’t feel cramped up in a small space and become uncomfortable. Enough space should make it possible to also introduce enough natural lighting which will liven up the space. According to McKnight’s Senior Living, back in 2010, the occupancy of senior housing was at 86.9%. This is a high percentage, and one that could illustrate that senior living facilities may lack space and privacy. With ample space and lighting, your parents can feel happier and more liberated while they age at home. A spacious house will also make it easier for your aging parents to pursue any hobbies that interest them easily, further improving their experience at home.

With these tips, you can build a house for your aging parents that they will love living in for a long time to come. Work with professionals throughout so that they realize your ideas and create a comfortable and amazing space for your parents.

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